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Greece, Delphi & Meteora, 2011
After a few days in Athens we rented a car and drove to Delphi.
We had booked a room in "Ariadne", a guesthouse in Arachova, a small town near Delphi.
A room with a view..:-) And with our own fireplace, it can be cold in the evening. In the winter Arachova is a ski resort.

The next day we visited the archeological site. Delphi was dedicated to the god Apollo and it was here that the city states of ancient Greece consulted the Oracle of Delphi, when they were planning a war or another major event. The Via Sacra (Holy Road) leads to the temple, passing numerous "Treasuries", where the city states kept their offerings to Apollo. There is a theatre which could hold many thousands of spectators, and a stadium where the Delphi games were held, similar to the better known Olympia games.

Of course all is in ruins now, only the Treasury of Athens has been reconstructed, and a few of the temple columns have been erected again. Still, the whole atmosphere is very evocative. Many tourists of course.

We continued our trip to Kastraki, where we had found, via the Internet, another beautiful guesthouse. Again with our own balcony. And a bottle of wine as a welcome gift. Kastraki is a small village at the foot of the famous monasteries of Meteora.

Meteora is so amazingly beautiful, words can not describe it.
The (Greek Orthodox) monasteries were built in the (14th -17th) centuries, perched high on sandstone cliffs. There were twenty of them, six still remain.
In the past access was very difficult, either via ladders, or by large nets, which were hauled up with goods and people in it.
Now you only have to be fit enough to climb numerous steps.

We visited five of the six monasteries;
Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas. Very small, our favourite
Holy Monastery of St Stephen. Inhabited by nuns
Holy Monastery of Rousanou. Also inhabited by nuns. Beautiful location.
Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron. The oldest and largest monastery. Too touristy, a bit disappointing
Holy Monastery of the Holy Trinity. Built on an isolated sandstone pillar. To reach it, you have to climb many steps down, then many steps up.

Unfortunately, Varlaam was closed during our visit.

Guesthouse Ariadne

Our cosy room

With our own balcony

And our own fireplace!


Town center

One of the many churches


Model of the Delphi Sanctuary

The Via Sacra

Treasury of Athens (reconstructed)

Temple of Apollo

The Theatre

Beautiful megalithic wall

The Stadium

Temple of Apollo

The Tholos, sanctuary of Athena

The Archeological Museum

Many visitors

The famous Charioteer

Many things to see

Our guesthouse in Meteora

Beautiful room

Welcome gift

View from our balcony

Greek dinner

The sandstone rocks of Meteora

St. Nicholas Anapausas

A steep climb up


The chapel

As seen from far away


Monastery of St Stephen

Amazing place for a garden

Entrance via a bridge

Inside the monastery

The church

Interior of the church

A Greek Orthodox priest

View of Kalambaka town

As seen from far away

Monastery of Rousanou

Beautiful location


Another view

Climbing up

An eagle nest


Lunch time

Great Meteoron

Crowd of tourists

The old way of entering..:-)

In the church

The kitchen


Two priests leaving the monastery

The rocks are popular with climbers


Varlaam was closed


Another view

Varlaam as seen from a distance

Holy Trinity

Perched on the rock

Steep climb up

Almost there

Easy(?) access for invalid visitors

Repair workers!
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lightlingmk2 wrote on Nov 6, 2011:
Happy holiday, Jan.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Nov 6, 2011:
I presume one must pass mountain climbing before one can take up this job.

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