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Sarawak trip: The Bario Highlands
A trip into the interior of Sarawak (9-22)-12-2006

Part 4 Bario

After a very pleasant stay in Ba' Kelalan we had to move on, to Bario, the center of the Kelabit Highlands.
It is a three-day trek, but takes only 10 minutes by flight!

We all had confirmed tickets (booked through the Internet), but we did not realise that "Ba' Kelalan Airport" does not have computers!
So we did not reconfirm on arrival and the airport staff had already issued tickets to locals.

Lucky for us, they decided that we had priority, but it was a bit sad to see that several locals were at the airstrip, ready to go, and had to wait until the next flight. And that would have been 5 (!) days later, as there are only two flights weekly to Bario. Hopefully FAX managed to put in an extra flight.

Bario is more spread out than Ba' Kelalan, which is the more romantic one of the two locations. But Bario has a lot more trekking possibilities (which we did not explore)
We received a friendly welcome in the Bariew Lodge, run by Reddish and his wife.

After lunch we visited the oldest longhouse of Bario, Bario Asal. Not a good idea to do this with a big group, so after a while I decided to walk back to the lodge through the famous Bario rice fields. Flowers, insects, birds, there was enough to see and admire.

The next day we walked to Pa Lungan, another Garden of Eden and so beautiful that it deserves its own page. See the next episode.
We stayed there overnight, and when we came back in our lodge the bad news was that there was no running water.
But no problem, we went to the river and took our bath there...:-)
A tropical downpour caught us on the way back, so those in the back of the 4WD even had an extra shower.

Leaving Bario the next day, we did not take any chances and booked already early in the morning.

Some group members flew direct to Miri, a small group continued the tour to Marudi.

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Departure from Ba' Kelalan

Our pilot

The Bario airstrip

Arrival in Bario

Bariew Lodge

reaching the Barios Asal Longhouse
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The Asal longhouse

The interior of the longhouse

The famous Bario rice

Is this a kind of Bee?
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Beautiful butterfly

And this looks like an apple!

A Black-headed Munia

Water Lilies

Peaceful landscape

Rice fields

The river

Natural bathroom
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It is going to rain soon!

And it did!

Meeting Peter and Yian again.

Passengers weighing

The plane arrives.


On our way to Marudi

The shoplots of Bario

The Asal Longhouse in the background

wrote on Jan 16, 2007:
tq for sharing..hope i can be there soon

wrote on Jan 16, 2007:
I'd just commented to Peter recently as to why you hadn't posted Part 4. Well, it's well worth the wait. I absolutely agree with your description of Pa Lungan and look forward to your Pa Lungan instalment.

wrote on Jan 16, 2007:
Nice shot.

Dan wrote on Jan 16, 2007:
oh wow this place is nice .... looks good, thank for sharing.

wrote on Jan 16, 2007:
When we arrived that night to find that there was no water, I did find myself wondering whether there was a river nearby. So obviously there is.

wrote on Jan 17, 2007:
hi jan,

Thx for sharing, btw you have any contact of local guide in Bario who can bring climbers to Mt Murud from Bario. I am interested to climb Mt Murud from Bario, but so far couldn't get contact of local guide.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 18, 2007:
You can contact Reddish at the Bariew Backpacker Lodge. Tel 085-791038/791074/791056

wrote on Jan 18, 2007:
thanks JAN. hope can go there in the near future

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