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Sarawak trip: Peaceful Pa Lungan
A trip into the interior of Sarawak (9-22)-12-2006

Part 5: Pa Lungan

There are many settlements in the Kelabit Highlands.
One of them is Pa Lungan, at a distance of about 4 hour walking from Bario.

A 4WD first brought us to Pa' Ukat, a relatively new longhouse, built in 1970.
From there a clear trail leads through a diversity of landscapes to Pa Lungan.

We crossed small streams, a few hills, passed padi fields on our way, and forest whith rhododendron bushes and pitcher plants.
Pure pleasure and a heaven for a photographer.

In Pa' Lungan we received a very friendly welcome by Mr Chew and his (Kelabit) wife Supang.
Chew has been a civil servant in Kuching, and after his retirement the couple decided to move back to the Kelabit Highlands.
They run now a homestay in Pa Lungan, and created a wonderful place, where you feel at home the moment you arrive.

Chew is very knowledgeable about the region and will show you the megaliths and wild orchids, while Supang is an expert cook, and happy to let you taste the delicacies of Kelabit cuisine. Rattan shoots, Fern tips, Wild Boar... wow.

In the morning after breakfast we could taste something exclusive: fried Cicada larvae. I would not call it a delicacy, but special it certainly was...:-)

After Supang had given us each a small bag with precious Bario rice, we left this Garden of Eden reluctantly.

Here I will come back!

Thanks Chew and Supang!

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Pa' Upat

Friendly conversation

The longhouse in Pa' Upat

Bario Rice!

In front of the church

Ready to go

to Pa Lungan


The trail was sometimes muddy

and sometimes very good

White rhododendron flowers

A rock with some drawings

Pitcher plant
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Rhododendron buds

Red rhododendron flowers

Orchids ?

A spider and its web


Farmer with his kerbau

Collection of pitcher plants
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Pitcher plant
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Almost there!

Tje Pa Lungan homestay

Thirsty after 4 hour walking!

Tea time

Nice old jars

Jeu de Boule with spinning tops

Making a top out of a pice of wood

The finished top ("gasing")


Another variety of mushroom

The Pa Lungan Megalith

The church

Green orchid


Beautiful cloudscape

Dinner time

Yew Ling in Kelabit disguise

Water lily


Our homestay surrounded by padi fields

The kitchen of the homestay

The cicada larvae, still wriggling

Fried larvae. Shall I try or not?

Beauty of nature

Even common flowers are nice

The farmer on his way back.

The explanation of the ruts


Just a young leaf

Egrets are very common


wrote on Jan 17, 2007:
Very enjoyable album. In 2004, after we had been in the jungle for four days, arriving at Pa Lungan was like discovering Shangri-la. Like you, we also enjoyed Supang's wonderful food. Her chocolate cake was memorable.

wrote on Jan 17, 2007:
Looks like N. stenophylla

wrote on Jan 17, 2007:
Yes, definitely the N. reinwardtiana.

wrote on Jan 17, 2007:
I think these are N. reinwardtiana. I can see one of the two spots inside the cup.

wrote on Jan 18, 2007:
I guess it's paradise when you got to Pa' Lungan...we had a same experience a few years ago after coming across from Gunung Murud......we got out of the storm just in time to enjoy the hospitality of Supang's Homestay. Chew is related to one of Yian Tze's Auntie's husband in Canada. Thanks for all the beautiful shots.

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