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Sarawak trip: Iban Longhouses
A trip into the interior of Sarawak (9-22)-12-2006

Part 6: Marudi & Iban longhouses.

The Twin Otter flight from Bario to Miri took us first to Marudi, a small cowboy town on the banks of the mighty Batang Baram river.
Here six of us started the second leg of our trip, while the rest flew back to Miri and from there to KL.

Marudi is now less isolated than in earlier days, because it is possible to go to Miri overland, by 4WD.
But most of the transport takes place with longboats over the Baram river.

We stayed in the Victoria hotel, with a nice view of the jetty, always busy.
This was our first 'town' after Lawas, with a Chinese temple, a wet market, and more of those modern commodities..:-)

The next day we visited several Iban longhouses, guided by Thomas, a friend of Neal who had organised the trip.
These longhouses are generally quite modern constructions, with electricity, fans and fridges. Several of the newer ones, near Marudi, have road access
But the structure is still traditional, with a number of apartments ('doors') which share a common verandah

In one of them, Sepetang, we stayed overnight.

Of course there was tuak!

Back in Marudi, before leaving for Loagan Bunut NP, we had a farewell meal with more tuak. Nice brew!

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Marudi airport


Marudi landmark

Chinese Temple


Funny detail

The Batang Baram

The jetty at sunset

Fort Hose

Dinner time

Morning view of the Baram river

Remains of the past

Longboats at the jetty

View of the jetty from hotel room

A fighting cock?


The outside verandah

The communal verandah

Relaxed existence

Suba talking with the kids

The Puyut longhouse

Info board about the longhouse council

Bringing bamboo back to the longhouse

The Sepetang longhouse

Communal verandah

Welcome conversation

Meeting the penghulu

Kids always like pictures

Let me see, let me see..!

Orange juice and tuak

Preparation of the dinner

Are there waterfalls around here?

Romantic sunset

Longhouse dinner

This is an insect, disguised as a leaf!
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Longhouse meeting


Weaving a mat

They have astro!

Rubber mill

Rubber sheets

Picture please!

Our last longhouse

Newly built

Modern style

But with animist remains

Back in Marudi

It will rain soon


After the rain

drinking 'amicitia' with Thomas

Farewell dinner in marudi

wrote on Jan 17, 2007:
Wonderful camouflage! It is a moth!

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