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Singapore, November 2011
Recently a friend sent us a YouTube clip about a Polish string quartet, the MozART GROUP. Classical music with a humorous twist. After watching the hilarious video, I visited their website and saw that they would give a concert in Singapore, on their way back from Taiwan.

When I noticed that (limited) tickets for this concert were still available, it did not take long to decide that we were going to watch this show!
Next question, what else to do in Singapore , how to go and where to stay. As a kid Aric had visited the Haw Par Villa, a Chinese myhthology garden. Would it stll exist? Yes, it did. And even Singapore has a Nature Park, at Sungei Buloh.

Regarding transport, we decided that we would give the Aeroliner bus a try. Expensive but confortable. And for our accommodation we took the big splurge and booked the iconic Marian Bay Sands hotel. For one night only, as it very expensive, the first two nights we stayed in a budget hotel.

The bus trip takes about five hours. Food is provided and you have your own entertainment screen with a choice of movies. From the terminal we took the MRT to our hotel in Little India. We had booked the cheapest room (still 98 S$) and that was a mistake, because it had no windows, so it was rather claustrophobic. But the location is good. Heavy rain, so it was only in the late afternoon that we could explore Little India. A beautiful mosque and a nice Hindu temple. And the humongous Mustafa shopping center, where we had food on the roof terrace.

The next morning we met our friend Beng Hooi, who is living in Singapore and had taken a day off to guide us around. After breakfast we went to the Haw Par villa, built in the 1930's by the owner of the famous Tiger Balm company.

What an amazing place! Numerous life-size scenes from Chinese mythology, culminating in the Ten Courts of Hell, where it is shown vividly how you will be punished for your earthly sins. Must have been scary for kids. There is also an attractive museum about the history of the overseas Chinese, worth a visit. Hardly any visitors, they should do more PR!

After a tasty lunch (when you know the places, you can find good food in Singapore!), we went to the Sg Buloh Nature Park, but a downpour started when we reached the entrance, so we turned back.

That evening we went to the Esplanade for the concert. It was sold out, they gave a perfect show, the audience was wildly enthusiastic. Try to go, whenever you have a chance!

The next day we went early to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, hoping that our room would be available already. We were lucky and could check in at noon. A room on the 31th floor, city view, a window from floor to ceiling, the kind of room were you want to stay the whole day...:-)
The highlight of the hotel is of course the infinity pool on the 57th floor, only accessible for hotel guests. Absolutely amazing.

The iconic hotel is part of a big complex, with the casino, luxury shops, a museum and a food court (with affordable prices). In the evening Beng Hooi came to visit us with his family, as a guest you are allowed to bring two adults and two kids up to the pool.

The next morning we enjoyed the pool again and also had time to visit the ArtScience museum. Interesting exhibitions about the Titanic and about Dali.

That was the end of our short stay in Singapore.
We are already saving money for our next visit.

The Aeroliner is a doubledecker .

Food and entertainment provided

The Abdul Gafoor mosque

The prayer hall

Another view of the mosque

Little India

Still in Deepavali mood

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

One of the Hindu gods

Part of the Mustafa center

Dinner on the roof terrace

Breakfast with Beng Hooi

The Haw Par Villa gardens

Tiger Balm!

Two giants and a dwarf

Dwarf and giant

Chinese legend
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Another one
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Scenes from daily(?) life

Waiting for their judgment

The punishments of hell
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Finally a drink of oblivion

I survived hell!

The museum annexe

Guess who is the fake Chinese

Lunch with katong laksa

Entrance of Sg Buloh N.P,

Heavy downpour

The Esplanade

Marina Bay Sands Hotel


Singapore skyline

On our way to the hotel

The ArtScience Museum

Entering the complex

Luxury shops and galleries

The hotel lobby

Our room

Our bathroom

A room with a view!

The skyline

The Esplanade

The infinity pool

Looks scary

Another view

Almost falling down?

Not really so scary

Harbour side has jacuzzi's

Harbour VIew

What am I drinking?

A Singapore Gin Sling of course

Aric with his favourite Mohito

Entertaining our guests

Night view

A view of the Eye

Next morning

Enjoying the pool

Dali exhibition

Dali sculptures

More of Dali

A giant and a dwarf

wrote on Nov 26, 2011:
Nice and sweet write-up! Congrats. What a contrast, from a SGD98 budget hotel to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel!!

wrote on Nov 30, 2011:
nice to view singapore through jan.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Nov 30, 2011:
Folk religion Maozi (sp) god sends a giant turtle to save these people - I think.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Nov 30, 2011:
When you were bad that's what you get in hell.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Nov 30, 2011:
Folk's religion.

Liz wrote on Dec 3, 2011:
I tried to take pic of MBS yesterday and the top was covered in cloud!

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