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Sarawak trip: Marudi to Miri
A trip into the interior of Sarawak (9-22)-12-2006

Part 7: River trip to Loagan Bunut NP and from there to Miri

After our visits of Iban Longhouses, the next destination was the Loagan Bunut National park.
From Marudi this park can be reached via the Baram and Tinjar rivers.

A longboat to Lapok leaves daily at 8 am form the Marudi jetty and it takes about 5 hours to reach the small village of Lapok.

It is an interesting trip, used by the Iban to go to their longhouses. The cargo is put on the roof, in our case there was a complet set of furniture.
Several stops at sometimes precarious jetties.

At the Lapok jetty a 4WD of the Loagan Bunut National Park was already waiting for us. The attraction of this park is the lake. It is fed by rivers and the size varies considerably during the year. In the dry season many birds can be spotted here. Now it was at its maximum size, we only saw some Oriental Darters. The Berawan use the lake for fishing.

We stayed overnight in the hostel of the park and the next morning we took a bus from Lapok to Miri.

Miri is a major town, with many modern buildings and shopping centers. We had our farewell dinner in one of the many seafood restaurants.

The next day, before we took our flight back to KL, there was still time to visit the Lambir Hills NP, 40 km from Miri, and famous for its waterfalls.


Longboat Marudi-Lapok

Interior of the boat

But you can also sit outside.

One of the many longhouses

A jetty

Logging still takes its ugly place..:-(

Can this still be called a jetty?

A school along the river

Egrets everywhere

River life

More logging

A faster longboat overtaking us


The furniture being unloaded
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Huge transport boat

Another longhouse

Logs floating downstream

Almost in Lapok


Loagan Bunut NP

View from the Hostel

Exursion on the lake

A raptor in flight

Could almost be Holland.

Impressive clouds, but no rain

We were the only visitors

Sunrise over the lake

You can call your loved ones here!

Breakfast in Lapok

Miri town

The wet market

Fish market

Tua Pek Kong Temple
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View from Canada Hill

The Grand Old Lady


Seafood Restaurant

Bottled Prawns. Why?

Egret, looking for food in Sg Miri

Lambir Hills NP

Many waterfalls!

Stinkhorn along the trail

The last part is steep

Pantu Fall

Strange rock formation

The beauties of the forest

wrote on Jan 18, 2007:
do they still play jackie chan movie inside the boat ?

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 18, 2007:
Not this time. I think there was a technical problem with the TV. Most of the time I was on the roof, getting sunburnt..:-)

wrote on Jan 18, 2007:
yes, sitting on the roof is fun, but u need sun block.

wrote on Jan 18, 2007:
Must have been for Christmas.

wrote on Jan 18, 2007:
I went there for prayer last time.

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