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Bukit Kutu 21-1-2007
When you take the road from Kuala Kubu Baharu to the Gap and Fraser's Hill, you will first pass the new Selangor Dam reservoir. Just after the reservoir a small road leads to Kg Pertak.
At the end of the road a trail starts to Bukit Kutu.

Climbing this 1053 m high 'hill' had been my wish for quite some time, because of the romantic fact that on the top of the hill there are remains of a bungalow, built by the British in the first decade of the 20th century.

My chance came when my friend Chong from PD invited me to join a group of his friends, who were planning to climb Bukit Kutu.

With my Dutch friend Paul, I left KL early and after breakfast in Rasa we parked our car at the end of the tar road in Kg Pertak.
Following the road, we soon met Chong and his wife, who had been camping there overnight. They told us that there had been heavy rain. Soon the other members of the group arrived and we could start our trek.

First we had to negotiate two river crossings. The first one was a bit problematic because the water level was high and the current strong, due to the rain. But a few campers, bathing in the river, offered us a helping hand.

The trail was clear, we met several groups who had been camping at the top. Still it was useful that we had a few people in our group who had been here before, because there are several forks in the trail.

Halfway up there is a beautiful gigantic overhanging rock, where you could even camp. At several places there was thick bamboo forest, forcing you to crawl underneath.

It took us, senior citizens, almost four hours to reach the summit. The remains of the bungalow consisted of a chimney and a well (with drinkable water!). There must have been another access road in those days, because our trail was sometimes very steep.

Going down was not easy, never before I have seen such muddy slopes. Often the only way to go down was just using your bum...:-)

We were back at the car at ~ 5:15 pm, without any rain!

A refreshing bath in the river formed the end of a very pleasant outing.

GPS data and Google Earth Map

Meeting Chong and his wife

The first river crossing (Sg Luit)

The second river crossing

At the top

The well

How to reach the summit?

View from above

The Selangor Dam reservoir

Climbing to the top. This way?

Or this way?

On the way back

Crossing the bamboo forest...

Sometimes not easy

The giant rock


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The Lord of the Rings?

A small stream

First river crossing on the way back

wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
Congratulation ! U made it at last

wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
I m going there this weekends (camp overnight). wanna go ?

wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
so it wuz your team dat day. we bumped on my way down. nice knowing u.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
Thanks, but I am not free during that weekend. I hope for you that it will be less muddy..:-)

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
It's a small world....:-)

wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
hello there - nice meeting you as well....your description is much more interesting than mine...hehe....glad that you made it!!!

wrote on Jan 24, 2007:
Syabas to the senior citizens!. Thanks for sharing this interesting trip, Jan. We had heard about Bukit Kutu but weren't sure whether it was still trekable. What's the camping site like? Do you have to walk far to get to it?

wrote on Jan 24, 2007: climbed Kutu without shirt? to welcome the leeches? it is leeches paradise.

wrote on Jan 24, 2007:
So how did you eventually make your way up?

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 26, 2007:
The advantage of not wearing a shirt, is that the leeches can not hide...haha. Surprisingly, we did not encounter one single leech during this trip!

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 26, 2007:
You can park your car near the kampung, from there it is about 1-1.5 km to the campsite, just before the first river crossing. A 4WD can reach the campsite.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 26, 2007:
We did not! Too slippery.
There was already a (partial) view of the surroundings from the base of the rock.

wrote on Aug 15, 2008:
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