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Ulu Yam, 11-2-2007
A waterfall near Ulu Yam?
The small village north of Rawang is famous for its loh mee, but that was all, I thought.
So I was surprised when I read in the "Flits", the monthly magazine of the Dutch Expat Community, about an interesting trip to Ulu Yam with not only a waterfall, but also interesting jungle trekking.

The organisers of this event, Edwin and Peter, were planning a repeat trip, so they invited me and Jean Yves, a Frenchman, to join them for a recce. Not many people visit this place, and in the jungle the situation can change rapidly.

After breakfast in Ulu Yam, we started our trip at 9:30 am. The trail was sometimes overgrown, but there were still some markers left from the first trip. We reached the waterfall around 11 am. A nice fall, unspoilt. A very exciting passage through quite a deep stream followed, not a good idea to be there during a flash flood!
When we reached the ridge, we thought that we would have an easy way going back. That turned out to be a mistake. Parts of the trail were completely overgrown, markers were missing, we got lost and had to use parangs to cut our way.
But...., we discovered a second, small waterfall. From there we followed the stream down, through very slippery slopes, back to the car. It was almost 3 pm when we finally could celebrate a successful recce with lots of 100 Plus.

GPS data


Easy Trail

Stream crossing

Following the stream

A nice waterfall
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The 'trail' continues

The main fall


Unspoilt surroundings


How to go on?

The good way

Quite deep

Or just use watertight ziplocks..

No flash flooding here, please!

Trail making

The real jungle trekker

Trail or no trail?

View of Ulu Yam

Genting Highlands


Our car is waiting for us

Slippery slopes

A new waterfall

The last part
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We made it!!

wrote on Feb 11, 2007:
you love Malaysia forest more than many Malaysian!

Dan wrote on Feb 11, 2007:
super duper nice .... hebat betul! Terima kasih .....

wrote on Feb 11, 2007:
Nice waterfall, though not very big.

wrote on Feb 11, 2007:
I am sure that you have loved the trekking more than the waterfall!

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