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Kg Sadir revisited (16-18)-3-2007
During my first visit to Kg Sadir in November 2006, I could find only one of the three waterfalls in the region. A villager told us that sometimes visitors stayed overnight in this friendly Bidayuh kampung, so we decided to come back for a weekend trip.
On Saturday morning we arrived in the kampung and were shown a homestay-like house where we could spend the night.
This time we decided to play it safe, so we asked for a guide and soon we were on our way.
Our main target was the Ban Buan Kukuot fall, but first we made a slight detour to the smaller, but nice Mabi Fall. Walking though the stream brought us to the top of the fall, from where we had to scramble down a steep slope to reach the beautiful pool at the bottom.

We resisted the temptation to take a bath here and continued our way on a well-defined trail.
The Bidayuh use these trails to reach their hill padi fields, so there are several junctions and it was good that we had a guide.
After about one hour we could see the Ban Buan Kukuot fall from a distance. A beautiful, tall and impressive fall. Here we had lunch and took a long rest, enjoying a bath and the beauty of the surrounding nature.
Back in the kampung, we took some rest and explored the place. We had already bought a chicken in Kuching and in the small village shop they had eggs, but not much else. As the men in the longhouse were already getting slightly intoxicated on "langkau", we decided to have our pre-dinner drinks at the Skedu fall.
We were back just in time, before a downpour started. Gabriel did a wonderful job in preparing the chicken with only kecap, garlic and onion!

The next morning we left early to have breakfast in a famous kolo mee shop at the 10th Mile. Then we proceeded to another waterfall, west of Kuching, the Bobak Falls. Only a trickle of water, but in very pristine surroundings. A nice pool, patronised by the local youth. After spending a lazy Sunday afternoon here, we went back to Kuching for a dinner in Peter's Special. Recommended: the Rack of Lamb, delicious!

A pleasant weekend!

Arrival in Kg Sadir

Can we stay here overnight?

The center of the village

On our way with two guides

Passing a farmer

Crossing a bamboo bridge

Mabi Fall

Scrambling down the slope

A vertical waterfall
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One of our guides at Mabi

The lower tier of the fall

Another bamboo bridge


Look, the waterfall

Approaching the fall

Cacao fruits

Nice foliage

The Ban Buan Kukuot Fall
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Lower part of the fall

We did it!

Vegetation in unexpected places

Our Bidayuh guide


Taking a nap :-)


Upper part of the fall

Langkau Party


Meeting some villagers

Skedu Fall

Time for a drink!

A nice little frog

Cook Gabriel in his kitchen

Chicken a la Gabriel

Enjoying our dinner

With coffee as a desert

Our homestay

Sunday morning

A peaceful kampung

Meeting the churchgoers

Kolo mee breakfast

Bobak Fall

There are several falls

Deeply eroded ravines



The main pool at Bobak

A popular place

Friendly village boy

Having a nice time

Dinner at Peter's Special

Our trekking at Kg Sadir

wrote on Mar 24, 2007:
nice place to visit

lightlingmk2 wrote on Mar 24, 2007:
Thanks. Now in Amsterdam ! How old you said you are ? You are actually living in paradise earth. No need to go to heaven. For your information - my wife and I will be going to Kunmimg 13 jun and with my friend to Hanoi 15 jul. As always will put up pictures for you to see. Bye and have a good holiday.

wrote on Mar 24, 2007:
Absolutely gorgeous!

wrote on Mar 25, 2007:
If you hadn't labelled it chicken I would have guessed it was Hornbill. ;>D /stephen

Kwai Loh wrote on Mar 25, 2007:
For hornbills you have to go to Pangkor or Genting.. :-) I have never seen a hornbill in Sarawak!

wrote on Sep 9, 2007:
this one is nice too...

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