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And now for something completely different
As regular visitors will know, this site is dedicated to the wonders of Malaysia.

But for a change, and as a contrast, this album shows that my native country, the Netherlands, can be attractive as well!
It is a report about a long-distance walk (more than 27 km) with my brother Pim, from the small town of Breukelen to Hilversum.

First we followed the river Vecht.
Here during the 17th and 18th century many stately mansions have been built by the rich merchants from Amsterdam.
Near Vreeland we left the river and took a path across the Loosdrecht Lake.
In the past this was part of the Dutch Water Line, a military defense system where large parts of the country could be inundated in case of war.
Now it is a nature reserve with many water birds.

We made this trip on a beautiful spring day in March 2007.
Pictures are courtesy of my brother Pim

The GPS track of our trip

Lock and lock-keeper's house

Weeping willow and magnolia tree

The market square of Breukelen

Bridge on the river Vecht

Picturesque Vecht houses

Pollarded willows

Vecht mansion

Modern Vecht house

Meek as a lamb
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Another Lock

Traditional Tea house

A stately home!

Peaceful and quiet

Would not mind living here
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or here

This is also not bad

The grinding mill in Loenen

Grey Heron
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Lunch break

The Lambertszkade

Thatching a roof

Lesser celandine

Mute Swan

The Oppad


Alpaca & Kwai Loh

Marsh Marigold


Mute Swans, Courting ritual

wrote on Mar 29, 2007:
Hi Jan! Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Love the weeping Willow and Magnolia by the river and the Marigold. 27km is a good distance to walk...Yian and I need that everyday for our Camino trip. Enjoy your stay...See ya in April.

wrote on Mar 29, 2007:
Beautiful pic of windmill and Magnolia tree. Are windmill still being used today for pumping water and generating electricity?

Kwai Loh wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
During our walk I have been thinking of you often..:-) Cannot imagine how you can do this on a daily basis for more than one month, in a mountainous region! Good luck.

wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
Jan, we need more than luck....we must be prepared for all eventualities...that's the only way we can absorb the best experience and hopefully the eternal beauty that the Camino can give a pilgrim. I'm looking forward to the nature and the praying in the churches...pssst....also the tapas...don't tell intention to lose weight..take the open road and see what turns up. Hope you are enjoying your walks as well. The time will come when we can synchronize our timing and do some wonderful treks together....must include the food bit as well...of course!

wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
Lovely set of pictures. Makes you want to catch the next flight to Holland and walk the 27 kms ;-))

wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
LOVELY !! cheers ....

wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
you talking about how you behaved when the immigration officer said that you had overstayed? ;>D /stephen

wrote on Mar 30, 2007:, when are you going to buy it? /stephen

Kwai Loh wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
These traditional windmills are never used to generate electricity. Many of them can still pump water, but this is now more a tourist attraction than a necessity.

wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
huh! i knew you couldn't resist birding. /stephen

wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
and then they cover the thatch with the plastic sheet .......... ya? /stephen

Kwai Loh wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
During the renovation, yes, for protection. It sometimes rains in Holland, lah.

wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
what's that, oppad? /stephen

Kwai Loh wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
Pad is Dutch for path. The Oppad is an old Church Path, used in the past by farmers to go to church.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Mar 30, 2007:
Oooh ! Alpacas also have asian, african, and caucasian races ( in that order). Very good of you to send these photos which are of great contrast to Malaysia. Want to exchange places ?

wrote on Mar 30, 2007: cute!

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