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Dutch Flower Power
From now on I will report about the pleasures and wonders of both my first and second home...:-)

The weekend of 14-4-2007 I spent with my sister in Valkkoog, a small village in the province North-Holland.
It was springtime and the region is famous for its flower fields, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc.
First we visited the Poldertuin, similar to the famous Keukenhof, but smaller and less crowded. Here you can see numerous varieties of tulips.
After lunch we continued our trip through the flower fields. An orgy of color!

The next morning we explored the countryside near my sister's place.

Holland at its best!

My sister's garden
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Cherry blossom

Coffee break in Kolhorn

The Poldertuin




















Flower Fields



One lonely hyacinth.. :-)



In discussion with the farmer








Hyacinth fields

View from the dunes



Breakfast in the garden
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Heron and Coot

Mute Swans

The beach of Schagen
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Traditional farm house

Dutch landscape

Sheep with her two lambs
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wrote on Apr 17, 2007:
Simply amazing! That this world can be that beautiful. Thanks! By the way, which camera are you using now?

wrote on Apr 17, 2007:
Hi Jan! You sure you want to come back's so beautiful out there. I guess you are the lucky one that has the best of both worlds. You look so pretty among the tulips. It's a country we would want to visit again. See ya on Friday! Safe journey.



Kwai Loh wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
A Canon Ixus, borrowed from my sister..:-) A pocket camera.

wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
See, Uncle Khong? No need for purse busting cameras for beautiful shots like these! :-)

wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
Yeah! I am finally convinced!

wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
wow.. gonna remember this... april.. best time to visit holland !!!

lightlingmk2 wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
Why so many acreas ? Flowers (tulips/or what) for sales/export ?

Kwai Loh wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
The farmers are not interested in the flowers, but in the bulbs! When the tulips are in fulll bloom, they are 'beheaded' with special machines. The flowers go to the rubbish dump, the remaining green leaves cause the 'mother' bulb to grow 'baby' bulbs. Those bulbs are sold all over the world.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
And what do they do with these bulbs ?

wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
Words fail me......

lightlingmk2 wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
Must try this, some day, in my Taiping house. But, first, must clean up and grow some flowers in the compound, eah !

lightlingmk2 wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
Don't expect to see this type of swim wear. They say,"We are English, not Dutch."

lightlingmk2 wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
Can you take this one back to Malaysia for BBQ ?

lightlingmk2 wrote on Apr 18, 2007:
You people are living in heaven, here on earth.

wrote on Apr 19, 2007:
what a beautiful country! hope to visit Holland one day.:)

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