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Beautiful Malaysia II (11-23)-5-2007
In September 2006 my brother Pim came to Malaysia for his holidays and I showed him the beauty of my second home.
What a good idea, thought my sister Lous, and she arrived here in May 2007. It was her first visit to Malaysia, so the program was slightly different.
There was a complication: I was diagnosed with dengue fever! But the "platelet count" was not too low, so I was able to show here the delights of Malaysia.

First we visited Melaka. Then, after a day in KL, we started our trip. First to the East Coast, where we did not snorkel this time, but enjoyed the beach.
We stayed one night in Cherating and one in Marang, where we shared the beach resort with a large group of school kids. Amazing how disciplined they behave!

We visited my friend Riey in rural Terengganu, and Lous, a retired teacher like me, was delighted to visit his school and talk with his students.

And of course we visited lots of waterfalls. The Pandan Fall in Pahang, near Kuantan, is quite spectacular.

Then we took the East-West Highway and turned back to the West Coast. We stayed overnight in Taiping with George and Jenny, visited Kuala Kangsar, and finally went up to the Cameron Highlands. Here we enjoyed the cool climate, Steamboat, the Brinchang Mossy Forest and the Tea Plantations.

Back home, we had a sumptuous buffer dinner in the KL tower, we enjoyed the night view and that was the end of another pleasant visit.

Chinese temple in PD

Temple guardian

Interior of the temple

Temple Offerings *

Melaka town center

The famous trishaws of Melaka

Porta de Santiago

Traditional Chinese shoplot

Kampung Kling Mosque

Sri Poyatha temple

Cheng Hoon Teng temple

St Francis Xavier Church

Famous Hainanese Chicken Rice *

The Petronas Towers

KLCC park

St Mary's Cathedral

My favourite: the Dayabumi building

Dinner at home

Malaysia, a food heaven

Thean Hou temple

Temple detail

Interior of the temple

Nice view of downtown KL

Temple turtle pond

Pandan Fall, Pahang

Powerful fall


Tropical atmosphere

The South China Sea

The "Floating Mosque"

Marang beach

Marang harbour

Goats having dinner

School teachers

Boy students

Girl Students

Morning exercise

Malay family having fun *

Western breakfast in Marang

Lous in Riey's class

Lous as a photographer

Malaysian nature

Another waterfall


Guest in the Gerik Rest House

Tebing Tinggi Fall, Perak

Lata Puteh *

With Jenny, in Taiping

Air Panas, Terong *

Lake Gardens, sunset
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Ubudiah Mosque, Kuala Kangsar

Muslim Cemetery

Muzium di Raya, Kuala Kangsar

Perak Tong Cave Temple, Ipoh

Temple interior

View from the top

Brinchang, sunset

Breakfast Brinchang, roti telor

Tea Plantations

Picking tea

Brinchang Mossy forest

Robinson Falls, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Bharat tea plantation

Tea with scones!

Lata Iskandar, CH

The KL tower

Dinner in the KL tower

Starting with oysters!

Sinful deserts

View from the restaurant

End of a nice trip
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wrote on Aug 25, 2007:
Magnifique! Haven't seen some of the places you have been to....talking about truly way near man! Enjoyed your short jaunt as a e-bystander. Good on you...always make a malaysian feel proud of his country, which He doesn't often appreciate. Thanks for the sharing!

wrote on Aug 25, 2007:
Nice trip!!! And beautiful pictures! :-)

wrote on Aug 25, 2007:
A picture worthy of a travel book!

wrote on Aug 25, 2007:
Look at that broad smile -- that's certainly one happy visitor!

wrote on Aug 26, 2007:
thanks for sharing, nice pictures of Malaysia

wrote on Aug 26, 2007:
How about "Heavenly Offerings"? Just a thought.

geetee wrote on Aug 26, 2007:
Great pics Jan. Worthy of a coffee table book about Malaysia. Syabas!

wrote on Aug 26, 2007:
'gold' papers ? candles and incense Sticks :)

Kwai Loh wrote on Aug 26, 2007:
Yes..:-) Is there a name for such a bundle? I used temple offering, there might be a better description

wrote on Aug 27, 2007:
great shots. really beautiful!

lightlingmk2 wrote on Aug 27, 2007:
never seen this before. looks like mushroom etc wrapped in pak choy or something...
sort of vegetarian offering.

wrote on Aug 28, 2007:
Wow, it took us many years to cover the places you have been. It will be a very lucky Malaysian to visit Holland with you.

wrote on Aug 28, 2007:
Just below the roof of the mosque - on the roof panel - there is a Chinese word "Hei" amongst other carvings. This word is found on Chinese wedding invitation cards and backdrops at wedding dinners.

Did you try the Loh Mei Kai (glutinous chicken rice) and Hor Yip Faan (Lotus leave glutinous rice) in the Chinese coffee shop directly opposite (across the road) the entrance to the mosque ?? The coffee shop is our first port of call in Malacca. We always start our tour with the two dishes there. Opens for breakfast till late morning

Kwai Loh wrote on Aug 28, 2007:
Thanks for the tip! Will check it out during my next visit to Melaka.

wrote on Aug 29, 2007:
A kwai loh (another foreigner) asked me where she can find 'fried bread' at KLIA, later I realised she was asking about ROTI CANAI...haha.

wrote on Aug 30, 2007:
On the other hand, I think Jan's glossary of Malaysian fare is quite comprehensive.

wrote on Sep 1, 2007:
Thse are chinese ghost's food dah.................................

wrote on Sep 9, 2007:
oh wow.. this sunset pic is just gorgeous ..

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