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More of the Same?
In August 2007 Inez, a good friend of mine, visited Malaysia and of course I was eager to show her the beauties of my Second Home.
As I had done already a few times earlier, during visits of my sister and my brother. With both I had made the big loop, covering East and West Coast.
As the visit of Inez was a short one only, we decided to skip the East Coast.

We started with Kuala Lumpur, visiting KLCC, the colonial district and Chinatown.
Next came Melaka with its Dutch colonial past. And its lovely food. The Hainanese chicken rice, the Cendol in Jonker street and the Seafood in the Medan Portugis. It did not take Inez long to get addicted to Malaysia..:-)

As she was interested in waterfalls, we visited the Kanching Falls, near KL. The upper falls require jungle trekking, where she got her first leech. On the way back home, we paid our respects to Lord Murugan, in the Batu Caves.

The next day we started our trip. First destination was Taiping, my favourite town in Malaysia. The Lake Gardens were beautiful as usual, we visited the Perak museum ( the oldest in Malaysia) and had dinner with a good friend. From Taiping we made a loop across the Bintang range, really rural Malay countryside.

After exploring a new waterfall, Lata Perahu, we spent the night in the Kuala Kangsar Rest House. The next day we had a look at the Ubudiah Mosque, the Old Royal Palace and the famous Malay College. Here we were lucky that we got permission, being teachers ourselves, to enter the grounds and talk with teachers and students.

Our last destination was the Cameron Highlands. On our way, we visited the Perak Cave temple, and another waterfall that I had never visited before.
We had as steamboat dinner in Brinchang and met a nice Malay family , that offered Inez her first durian.
After visiting the Brinchang Mossy Forest and the tea plantations, it was time to go back home.

The next day, after a last lunch with friends, I sent her to the airport.
Inez was delighted with the trip. The nature, the food, the climate but especially the friendly people.

"I understand now why you like your life in Malaysia so much", she said before leaving.

Inez on our balcony

The Twin Towers

Colonial District

Dataran Merdeka

Sultan Abdul Samad building

Petaling Street

Seafood dinner

Baba House, our hotel in Melaka

Poh San Teng temple

Temple offerings

Hang Jebat Mausoleum

Kampung Kling Mosque

Christ Church & Stadthuys


Dinner at Medan Portugis

The famous Hainanese Chicken Rice

Mosque near Melaka

Beach, Straits of Melaka

Beach view

Rubber plantation

Kanching Falls

Waterfall fun

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Waterfall explorer

Batu Caves

In the caves

Monkey business

Dinner at home

Taiping, Lake Gardens

Inez in the Lake Gardens

Muzium Perak

Dinner with Jenny

Countryside near Anak Kurau

Local fruits everywhere

Cenderoh Lake

A new fall: Lata Perahu

The waterfall explorer again

Mating butterflies!

Kuala Kangsar Rest House

View from the Rest House

The Ubudiah Mosque

The Muslim cemetery near the mosque

Muzium di Raja

The famous Malay College

Me & the College

Inez and students

The square pavillion tower

Perak Tong Cave Temple


Versatile God

View for the top of Perak Tong

Sinju Fall

Inez as waterfall explorer

What shall we drink tonight?

THE steamboat place in Brinchang

Enjoying our steamboat

Inez as a teacher

Her first durian

Gunung Brinchang, fog as usual

The Brinchang Mossy Forest


Tea plantations


The Cameron Bharat Tea Shop

Cameron Bharat bungalow


Lata Iskandar

Back home

The perfect guest!

Meeting George and friends
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wrote on Sep 5, 2007:
Doing all those rounds make you a bigger experts that no one could compare with you, in terms of knowledge and familairity. Congrats Kwei Loh!!!

wrote on Sep 5, 2007:
You've definitely seen more of Malaysia than most Malaysians have, and that includes me.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Sep 5, 2007:
You are a better tour guide than the professional. How much do you charge ? I got people coming from oversea.

geetee wrote on Sep 6, 2007:
Inez was not merely being polite when she said she had a wonderful time and you were the perfect host and guide. She meant every word of it. You bet she will come again ! Cheers, GT

Liz wrote on Sep 11, 2007:
Skink !

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