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Langkawi (11-13)-9-2007
A trip by the (extended) gang of four. See the Gang of Four site for a report. Here we concentrate more on waterfalls. And food of course, the trademark of the Gang..:-)

The night before departure we got a late message from Air Asia that the flight had been retimed and would leave one hour later. But the taxis had been ordered already, so we had a relaxed breakfast at the LCCT.

The flight to Langkawi gave us beautiful views of the landscape below. We passed the Paya Indah wetlands, the Klang River with George's residence, the Bernam river near Aric's hometown and the mighty Perak River.
After our arrival at Langkawi Airport, Khong went out to rent two cars. Being a Kwai Loh, I had to stay behind in the arrival hall, because otherwise the rental price would have skyrocketed...

We took rooms in Kuah, not particularly interesting with its many duty free shops, but a good place for food. After lunch, one of the cars would not start, so we had to wait for a replacement. Cheap is not always reliable.

While the birders went birding, we went our own way. To the Durian Perangin falls. A seasonal fall, but this was the season, so actually it was quite impressive.

After a short visit to Tanjung Rhu, we met the birders again near the top of Gunung Raya. We were a bit too late, the top was in the clouds already. On the way back we found another small cascade, in a sorry (typical Malaysian?) condition.

The next day we were disappointed to find out that the Cable Car was closed for maintenance. But the Seven Wells fall was impressive. Not so much the Seven Wells themselves (quite a steep climb to reach them), but the waterfall. A popular spot and rightly so.

The third waterfall of Langkawi, Temurun, is also seasonal. A very tall fall, not possible to take one single picture of it.

On our way back to Kuah, we had a look at the Black Beach. Here we tried to find a geocache, we found the place where it had been hidden, but unfortunately it was no more there. The beach was nice, with huge boulders, but it could hardly be called black.

Although the weather forecast had been awful, we had actually lots of sun, except the last morning, when we joined the birders to see the Black-hooded Oriole and the Brown-winged Kingfisher. It drizzled with hardly any birds, so Aric's first experience with birding made him say that "Diving was more interesting..."

Altogether a very successful trip. With cheap beer, lowest price we have found was RM 1.45 for one can of Karlsberg!

KLIA Main terminal building

Paya Indah Wetlands

* Klang River

* Bernam River

* Perak River

Khong, Gilbert & Yoke Sim


Pulau Pinang

Approaching Langkawi


* Car Rental

Ready for action

Starting with lunch

Duty free outlet in Kuah
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Cheap is not always good...

Durian Perangin lower fall

Well maintained

Middle fall

Upper fall

Waterfall Fun

View from the top

Tanjung Rhu

Meeting the gang

Top of Gunung Raya

View from below the top

Keep it clean

The result


Dinner in Kuah
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The Cable Car was closed
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The Seven Wells Fall

Some of the wells
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The cable car station

The Seven Wells waterfall
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Perfect jacuzzi

Massage shower

The tall Temurun Fall

Lower part of the fall

Top part

Pleasant surroundings

Two pics combined!
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The (not so) black beach

Ok, a bit black...
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* Geocache location?

Not a waterfall

Near the jetty
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The Lankawi eagle

Dinner in a foodstore?

Farewell dinner

* Pasar malam

Goodbye Langkawi!

wrote on Sep 26, 2007:
Years ago the Black Sand Beach used to be 'black', but after hawkers take & sell the black sand in small
You may try to walk up staircases from Kampung Buku (Book Village) to Gunung Raya, I think it's good idea for bird watchers.

wrote on Sep 26, 2007:
What a joyous adventure...Langkawi is so magical! Gunung Machinchang is the only one gunung I would like to climb again.

wrote on Sep 27, 2007:
I see food! I see water falling! But all I see is only 1 bird and that's not real. Where are the birders?

Kwai Loh wrote on Sep 27, 2007:
You may have overlooked the first line of this report...:-). There a link is given to the Gang of Four report. Lots of birds there and only a few waterfalls.

wrote on Sep 27, 2007:
Eighteen years ago, we climbed to the Seven Wells. Peter carried 2-year-old Keith all the way to the top.

Dan wrote on Sep 29, 2007:
You always have waterfall pictures that makes me go "wahhhhhhhhhhhh" ... "oh wowwwww" ....

Dan wrote on Sep 29, 2007:
oh wowwwwwwwwwwwww !

lightlingmk2 wrote on Sep 30, 2007:

Liz wrote on Oct 2, 2007:
I had the most terrifying flight to Langkawi in early July with MAS. We came down to land at Langkawi and were almost down when the plane suddenly started ascending very fast. Everyone went quiet. We contiined flying, away from Langkawi. It was only after about 10 minutes that the pilot annoucned that due to strong winds and monsson rain we couldn't land, so we were going to Penang. We got to Penang safely but then the bad weather arrived there, so we got delayed for a couple more hours. The bad weather that prevented us from landing on Langkawi was similiar to that which caused the plane crash in Phuket last month, so we were lucky!!! Very scarey though.

Liz wrote on Oct 2, 2007:
opps, sorry for all the typos above!!!

Liz wrote on Oct 2, 2007:
Booze is certainly cheap in the shops in Kuah. I stocked up on my gin :-)

Liz wrote on Oct 2, 2007:
Hmm, the cable car was also closed when I was there in early July, but that was due to bad weather.

wrote on Oct 3, 2007:
When Eddie and I where there earlier in the year, the water festival was on, and the whole jetty area was a mass of colourful Tents and Flags and bunting, well worth seeing

wrote on Oct 3, 2007:
Well Jan, as usual enjoying your food. I have noted of late your waist line is expanding a tad, Kuah has a lot of nice food outlets, but I have to admit, as a Noble Brit, I did dine at the Langkawi Yacht Club a lot..Fitting of someone of my Noble birth. Regards Robert

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