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Gua Tempurung & Cameron
The plan: to combine a visit of Gua Tempurung with a relaxed overnight stay in the cool climate of the Cameron Highlands.
The time: September 15-16
The people: 15 Malaysians and 1 Dutchman

After breakfast in the Tapah R&R, we arrived at Gua Tempurung around 9:30 am. Many trips are possible in this show cave, varying from easy to difficult.
We opted for the strenuous "Grand Tour", which would take 3-4 hours and would make us wet, dirty, tired and, hopefully, happy..;-)

The Tour started along a well maintained walkway with steps and floodlight. At the end of this easy part, we plunged into darkness and had to switch on our headlights. Sliding down slopes of flowstone, wading and crawling, we reached the other exit of the cave. After a short rest we went back via a different route. Here we had to enter the black hole and do more sliding and crawling. It was big fun.

After four hours we were back, satisfied but dirty. The shower was a blessing!
Ramadan had started, but we managed to have some lunch in the friendly Malay stall near the cave.

Next destination was the MNS Boh Center in the Cameron Highlands. We took the Simpang Pulai road. Soon it started to rain. We stopped in Kg Raja to taste the strawberries, the delicious sweet corn and to buy vegetables for our dinner.

The MNS center is located in the Boh tea plantation. We had booked a dormitory there. It is basic accomodation, but with superb views of the surrounding tea fields.

Everybody helped to prepare the steamboat dinner. And, needless to say, there was too much food...:-)

It was the beginning of the moon cake festival and Aric had bought Tang Longs for everybody. The locals must have been surprised to see the colorful procession in the middle of the night!

The next morning, after breakfast, we first walked around in the tea plantations and we visited the Boh factory.
Next we visited Gunung Brinchang. Or better, we tried to visit, because not all cars were able to negotiate the bad access road. For those, who managed, the Mossy Forest came as a nice surprise.

After strawberry shopping in Kg Raja and lunch in Brinchang it was time to go home.

A very nice weekend.

Still fresh and clean

The Gua Tempurung "menu"

Map of the cave
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Start of the Grand Tour

The way to go

Sliding down the flowstone

Torchlights needed

They did NOT write the graffiti !

Walking in the water

Mind your head

How sweet!

Alien art?


Going on your knees would be easier

The Dutchman
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At the other end of the cave

Steep slope

With a safe landing

Entering the black hole

Big fun

The torch between his teeth!

Almost there

Back where we started

Dirty, but happy

The group after the trip

Tasting the strawberries

Tastin the delicious sweet corn

Cameronian flowers

The MNS logo

MNS dormitory

A nice moth

Preparations for the steamboat

Peeling the sweet potatoes

Cleaning the prawns

It looks good!

Almost ready

Everybody is hungry

And there is enough food

The main cook

Everybody happy

Two satisfied organisers

Preparing the tang longs

Moon Cake Festival walk
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The Tang Longs

Washing the dishes

In the MNS garden

The MNS BOH center

Morning walk in tea plantation

Tree and Tea


More tea

The Boh tea factory

The Boh tea plantation

The road to Gunung Brinchang

Mossy Forest

Nancy in the Mossy Forest

Combined effort needed

Cameron strawberries


Lata Iskandar

wrote on Oct 3, 2007:
hi, nice photos & happy trip ! The Ducthman enjoy Malaysia nature very much ;)

wrote on Oct 3, 2007:
Jolly good idea!

wrote on Oct 3, 2007:
How strenuous is strenuous?

wrote on Oct 4, 2007:
nice pics!

wrote on Oct 4, 2007:
check out some of the pictures i took!

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 4, 2007:
Nice pictures!
It was a fun trip, wasn't it..:-)?

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 4, 2007:
Not really strenuous...:-) You get wet and muddy, as you follow the stream, but this also means that the trekking is quite level.

wrote on Oct 7, 2007:
H Jan,
i think i saw you that day at Tringkap, shopping for strawberries. I was not sure, so did'nt say hello to you.

wrote on Oct 7, 2007:

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 9, 2007:
Yes, that was me..:-)
What were you doing there? I could not find any report of a strenuous climb for that weekend on your Multiply site.
Don't tell me that you were just relaxing...

Liz wrote on Oct 9, 2007:
I was in Tempurung just 12 days before you. Luckily I can still get in for free!!!! I was disappointed to see the new management have removed all the old sign boards and phots displays and replaced them with new ones in bad English!

Liz wrote on Oct 9, 2007:
Are you holding up the roof?

Liz wrote on Oct 9, 2007:
Goodness, that's a big group. How many guides for the group?

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 9, 2007:
One guide only! A good one, but I agree that they should have split the group

wrote on May 8, 2008:
Hi, we are planning a trip to Gua Tempurung. According to your photos, which package did you purchase? Thanks.

Kwai Loh wrote on May 8, 2008:
Package nr 4, the Grand Tour

wrote on Apr 19, 2010:
Hi, found your site when I googled Brinchang...What a nice trip! I plan to go to cameron as well..may I know if this trip was conducted by an org or group? Do you know who to contact?

Thanks a lot :-)

Kwai Loh wrote on Apr 19, 2010:
We organised it ourselves. To stay in the MNS Boh center, you must be a MNS member and book in advance.

wrote on Apr 22, 2010:
Oh, my MNS just expired! Mind if I could have a copy of your IT during that trip? I would appreciate it much :-)

wrote on Dec 24, 2010:
For more details of the BOH-MNS Centre, go to
For more pictures on Gua Tempurung, go to

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