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Trip up North, (13-16)-7-2006
Reports about a Blue-Winged Pitta nesting in Ulu Paip. A newly opened canopy walk in Sg Sedim, from where White-crowned Hornbills had been spotted. Owling in Air Itam Dalam.

Time for the Gang of Four to travel north!
Our usual targets: birdwatching and enjoying the local food.
But at this occasion also to meet several Penang birders, who had offered to guide us around.

After a hearty breakfast in Gopeng, we first had a look at Air Itam Dalam, where a new boardwalk through the mangrove forest has been opened. Not so much bird activity.

Late lunch in Bukit Mertajam and a discussion about where to stay that night. Tan Choo Eng had given us lots of information about suitable accommodation in the region. Finally we decided for the former Rest House in Kulim (now the Kulim Inn). A good choice, affordable price, even a swimming pool.

After a short rest we went back to Air Itam Dalam to meet Dr Neoh and his wife Mei Ling. Armed with strong torch lights, we went owling and spotted several species.

Back in Kulim, we had our dinner in a food stall near to the temple, where a festival was going on with Chinese opera, performed by a group from China. A big crowd and a very pleasant atmosphere.

The next day we went first to Sg Sedim, where recently a canopy walkway has been opened, supposedly the longest one in the world. Beautiful canopy, spiderhunters, leafbirds, but no hornbills.

In the afternoon we did a recce of Ulu Paip, a pleasant recreational forest with a small waterfall. We met a few Penang birders, who told us that the Pitta chicks had fledged already.

Back to Kulim, full of nostalgia for George, who has worked and lived there in the past.

On the Saturday again to Ulu Paip, to meet Tan Choo Eng and Dr Neoh. We had no luck in spotting kingfishers, but we saw the Blue-winged Pitta, so mission accomplished!

Then it was time to start our return trip. Except for me {Jan], because I had been invited by Dr Chan Ah Lak from Taiping to visit an unknown waterfall on Sunday.
In the afternoon he showed me his favourite birding playground, where we saw Pratincoles, Lapwings and Nightjars. The next morning, after breakfast at the Taiping landmark Kakak, we visited with a group of his friends the upper Trong Fall. Beautiful and unspoilt.

A memorable trip.
I expect that the bird photographers of the Gang will add some bird pictures.

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Shop decorations

Air Itam Dalam


Great Egg Fly

Lunch in BM

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Mangroves, high tide

The Gang + Dr Neoh & wife

Pasar Malam in Kulim

Our food

Chinese Opera

The actors

Breakfast in Kulim

The Chinese temple in Kulim

Burning incense in the temple


For the home base

Sg Sedim

Leaf with galls (?)

Beautiful forest

The Canopy Walk entrance

Visitor Center

The canopy walk

And a beautiful canopy it is!

Tripod problems

Tripod problem solved

This does the trick

Petai, still out of reach

Looking for something?

The gang in action


Ulu Paip

Meeting Penang birders

Bathing fun in Ulu Paip

Fruits (?)

Dinner in Kulim

Ulu Paip revisited

Butterfly hunting

Birders and their equipment

The Pitta nest

Lunch in Taiping

Meeting Dr Chan Ah Lak

The car hide

Famous Kakak

Palm or Fern?

Waterfall hunters

Forest giant

Upper Trong Fall

[K] A apair of Laced Woodpecker

[K] One took flight - a lone Woody

wrote on Jul 30, 2006:
Have you guys counted? How many pictures of you having makan? Ratio of food Vs Birds. Some biridng trip!

wrote on Jul 31, 2006:
If I am not mistaken, our former SGI teacher and scout master, James Saw, was "priesting" there.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Aug 2, 2006:
I was in Tpg from 22nd Jul .. never heard WKong mentioning about you. Which is Dr Chan - ex left or right ? The rest I know. And where is this Kakak restaurent ?

geetee wrote on Aug 3, 2006:
Hi KC...'Kakak' is in Market Road..It is famous for it's "kai see meen". Started long ago as a stall at one of the cross streets near the Kowloon Restaurant (now no more) .

geetee wrote on Oct 31, 2012:
Hi Jan..just glad you have transferred most of your Multiply stuff to this new site.

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