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Trip with P&R, January 2008
A Farewell trip with our English friends Pat and Roger, who are emigrating to Australia.

The plan was to spend a night in the cool climate of the Rest House at Gunung Jerai, north of Sg Petani, Kedah.
Quite a distance from KL, so we started not too late and first went to Taiping, where George was waiting for us in the New Club. George and I had arranged this meeting without informing P&R, so it was an unexpected, pleasant surprise, as they have become good friends with George and Mary.

From Taiping we took secondary roads, many nice Malay houses. On my Perak map a waterfall was indicated near Selama. According to BCL, famous Selamatian, there could be waterfalls nearby. We had no time to explore, but on our way back to the main road, near Serdang, we suddenly saw a waterfall .signboard

It turned out to be a pleasant fall, it will soon be added to the Waterfalls of Malaysia site.

From Taiping I had tried in vain to call the Rest House, not a good sign. And indeed, when we arrived at the top of the hill, we discovered that the resort was closed for renovation...:-(
So we had to go down again the winding road, and after some deliberation, we decided to stay overnight in Sg Petani. An unremarkable town, according to the Lonely Planet, and unremarkable it was.But the Sri Malaysia hotel was ok

The second day we made a nice trip around Gunung Jerai, pleasant countryside, with beaches and padi fields.

Then it was time for lunch already. We went to Bukit Tambun, famous for its seafood. It was a floating restaurant, with fish ponds all around. After lunch we took the highway back until Kuala Kangsar and from there followed the Perak River until Parit, from where we contunued to Batu Gajah and our last destination, Kellie's castle.

When I first visited this folly, it was still a romantic, tree-overgrown ruin. Since then it has been extensively restored. But it is still interesting and Pat and Roger had never been there. You can find more information about the castle here.

A nice trip.Good luck in Australia, Pat & Roger! I am sure we will meet again soon, in Australia, Ireland, Holland or Malaysia...

Lunch with George at the New Club

Serdang waterfall
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Path to the fall

Fresh water..:-)

The waterfalls

Nice pool

Mother feeding two babies!

Duck farm

Welcome at the resort

But it is closed!

Under renovation

The view we had come for

Sg Petani
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Clock Tower

Renovated old building

Rubber plantation

Tapping the latex

The beach near Yan

The menu

Coffee break

Lonely egret

Kedah rice fields
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Peaceful countryside

Beauty of nature

Padi fields

The other photgraphers

Fish pond Bk Tambun

Round and round and round

Seafood lunch in Bk Tambun


Enjoying(?) his food

This is for the crab, Pat!

View of Kuala Kangsar

The mighty Perak River

Kapok seeds


Parit town center

A friendly war veteran

Kellie's castle


The escalator tower

Main facade


No obscene acts, please!
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So take care, birdies!

The escalator shaft


Top photographer

View from the roof

Far away the Indian temple

View of the limestone hills near Ipoh

wrote on Jan 9, 2008:
Wow! Awesome panorama shot! Jan, I feel like want to climb those hills after seeing your picture!

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 9, 2008:
Yes, those hills must be heaven for a limestone lover like you...;-)

wrote on Jan 9, 2008:
Hope can go hiking with u in KL. Will let u know when I come to KL again.

wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
Just to put on record that this site has been visited by BCL, the famous Selamatian. Unfortunately, it sounds very much like a Martian!! KK to Parit along the Perak River used to be a very narrow and winding road. I wonder how is it like today? And is the BRIDGE, near where water intake source for half of Ipoh's population, still there?

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
Thanks, BC, for visiting my site. The road from KK to Parit is quite winding, but not so narrow now.Nice driving, but we had hoped to get more glimpses of the river. Do you mean the bridge near Parit. It is still there.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
"doing a khong"? Must ask the sifu what that means

wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
yours look tame compared with the signboard. they cheated, ah? /stephen

wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
Beautiful fall.

wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
the last time i visited sg petani it wasn't dressed like this. and it almost got me killed. it is still vivid in my mind. two guys on a bike (honda 125cc) on the way north of the border. me in control. got fed-up of tailing this smoking bus along the winding country road. at the first hint of opportunity, i swung out and turned on the juice. half-way through saw a lorry poking its head out over the next bend. only thing to do is to add more power. just managed to squeeze in ahead of the bus.pheeeew! /stephen

wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
can't resist birding, eh. ah, you're turning out to be a serious birder. /stephen

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
Can we have a birding trip soon, with the Gang of Four? I am starving..:-)

wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
what about doing a khong in a quiet nook? is that objectionable? /stephen

wrote on Jan 10, 2008:
aiya, how can they renovate it with concrete and paint it over at that. if you wanna do it, least use clay bricks, similar to original. now it looks someone slapped a bandage on. must they perpetuate the folly? /stephen

Liz wrote on Jan 26, 2008:
Pity you didn't have a chance to visit the Bujang Valley archaeological site. It's quite interesting and close to Gng Jerai.

Liz wrote on Jan 26, 2008:
Nice to see the sun shining on the hills and no haze...... great pic.

Liz wrote on Jan 26, 2008:
I've been here several times, but must admit I've never been inside........ too mean to pay I guess!

wrote on Jul 14, 2008:
aiyo... i cannot look at your pics anymore.... u make me want to go one place each week.. and explore all the places....

Kwai Loh wrote on Jul 14, 2008:
Don't despair, you are still young..:-)

wrote on Jul 14, 2008:
haha... true true... and i'm sure i will hav an oppurtunity to venture wif u in near future.... :)

wrote on Apr 11, 2011:
i wonder is Kedah people call waterfall as Air Puteh instead of Air Terjun.

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