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Ankeveense Plassen 10-2-2008
The first beautiful day in the New Year, clear blue skies, temperature almost spring-like. A perfect day to enjoy the beauty of Dutch nature.

The Ankeveense Plassen are very characteristic for the "Low Countries", the literal translation of Nederland. Freshwater peat lands have been used since the Middle Ages for peat cutting. What remains are lakes, patches of moor, bog and fen.
A safe resting and breeding place for birds.

Using century-old footpaths crossing these wetlands, my brother Pim and I had an enjoyable afternoon walk. Too early in the year for wild flowers, although there were snowdrops and crocuses in many gardens of the picturesque village of Ankeveen.
Quite a lot of birds, some of them lifers for me.

Enjoy the beauty of my native country!

Farmhouse in Ankeveen

Enjoying the mild weather

No idea what kind of fruits these are.
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Hazel flowers

The Dammer Kade

A coppiced willow tree

We were not the only ones

Birch tree

More tree silhouettes

Uncoppiced willow tree

Crested Grebe

Characteristic landscape

The Goog Path

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Waiting for spring to come

Foot bridge

Ankeveen lake

Natura Artis Magistra

Another village far away


Remote farmhouse

Numerous footpaths

Young Swan

Young swans

Pair of Common Goldeneyes

A Northern Shoveler




More crocuses

One of the Ankeveen churches

Farmhouse with characteristic trees

Back where we started

The GPS track of our walk

wrote on Feb 12, 2008:
Jan, your country is like a postcard.
You miss the Malaysia Chinese New Year food ! ;)

Liz wrote on Feb 12, 2008:
Wow, beautiful pic. Now I see why you go back so often :-)

wrote on Feb 13, 2008:
and i am sipping coffee with hazelnut right this moment. /stephen

wrote on Feb 13, 2008:
Envy, envy, envy.....

wrote on Feb 13, 2008:
looks like 'dutch pulasan' /stephen

wrote on Feb 13, 2008:
amazing how still the water is! beautiful country. thanks for sharing. /stephen

wrote on Feb 19, 2008:
Yeah quite a change in sceneries

wrote on Jun 25, 2008:
Hmm..Heaven do exist on Earth.

wrote on Jun 25, 2008:
Hmm..Heaven do exist on Earth.

wrote on Jul 14, 2008:
wow... ur country is so beautiful... Hopefully can visit this place one day.

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