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Kerling Falls 11-5-2008
It was in 2003 that I tried to visit the Kerling Waterfall for the first time, the main reason being that a geocache had been hidden there. After passing the Air Panas, just before crossing the first bridge across the river, we were stopped by an unfriendly Malay, who told us that from there on the road was private property.

A few weeks later, I tried my luck again, this time with my friend Khong. Nobody stopped us this time, but there were many "No Entry" signs, threatening with high penalties. We didn't care, went on, and found the waterfall, in a deep ravine. The geocache was not there anymore.
This was almost five years ago.
So, when my friends Dick and Rani asked me if I would like to join them to the Kerling Fall, I did not hesitate.

After passing the Hot Springs, we took the road along the cascading Kerling river. The "No Entry" signs had disappeared. But, a bit further on, a locked barrier. Which, however, could be opened without much effort..:-)

The dirt road was remarkably well maintained, and went on and on, crossing the river a few times. We passed a small attractive waterfall. Gradually the condition of the road deteriorated, until we had to park our 4W-drive and start walking.
Finally we arrived at the last waterfall, with a nice, large pool.
Here we enjoyed our lunch and had a refreshing bath.
Actually from this point to Fraser's Hill it is only about 7 km, as the hornbill flies! Beautiful unspoilt forest.

But for how long?
Because the reason that the road was well kept, became clear. On our way in we had passed numerous huge pipes. Checking more carefully on the way back, we noticed two small signs: 'tempat intake' and 'tempat power station'.
So probably a hydro power station is under construction here. A sad result of progress.

This explained too, that the bridges had "bypasses" crossing the stream, as they will not be able to carry the load of the heavy lorries. Actually one of the bridges which we had passed without effort on our way in, looked too fragile when going back, so we took the bypass.
Had a heavy vehicle in the meantime destroyed the bridge, or had we just been too audacious on our way in?

A nice adventure.

But we could not find the "real" Kerling waterfall. Only back home, comparing with my old GPS-data, I found that the fall is just after the gate!
I will have to go back one more time....

The Kerling river

Kerling Hot Springs

A young daredevil


Sungei Kerling

A locked barrier

But Rani could open it

Well maintained road

A bridge and the bypass

Forest tree

Me and the river



Nice small waterfall

End of the road, have to walk

Kind of berries?

The last fall


Nice shower

Dick tries to join

And he managed

Now it is my turn

And I did it too..:-)

Nice fruits

The water pipes

This will spoil the place

A far away waterfall

Camera at maximum zoom

Is this bridge safe?

Not really

Seems to be broken

Better take the bypass

The GPS map of the trip

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