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Negeri Sembilan 23-5-2008
This excursion to Negeri Sembilan started with an email from my friend 'Caving' Liz. She wrote: "I have read about an old goldmine near Air Kuning. No ideas if there are waterfalls around. Like to join me for a trip?"

Of course I wanted to join, although there are no significant waterfalls in this region of Negeri Sembilan. So I looked for other attractions and found the Sungei Kelamah War Memorial on my map of N.S
A goldmine and a war memorial, that should be enough for a nice day trip.

We started with breakfast at a mamak stall in Tampin. Entering this small town, we saw a beautiful temple, which turned out to be a Sikh Gurdwara.
An interesting religion,this Sikhism, virtually unknown to me. We were friendly welcomed by the Granthi and could visit the temple, after covering our heads.

On our way to Air Kuning we passed a large Chinese cemetery and an Indian temple.

After these cultural preparations, it was time to look for the goldmine. The only clue we had was that it should be near Air Kuning, a motley collection of shops near a railway crossing. We tried a few roads, looking for signboards, but found nothing.

So we decided to ask in one of the shops if somebody had heard about this goldmine. We were lucky! One of the customers knew about the place and told us that he could find somebody to guide us there. It probably helped that Liz said she was a reporter for the newspaper..:-).
Waiting for the guide we had a very eatable chicken rice in this unnamed shop.

After a while Mr Halim arrived, with two of his children, already dressed for the mosque (it was Friday). He took us to the mine, a few km north of Air Kuning, located in a rubber plantation. No way, we could have found it on our own.

We thanked our guide for his help and decided to explore the tunnels.
We could hear the sound of many bats, so it was no surprise that we had to walk in the bat poo, with bats flying around us.
Quite an interesting experience..:-)
Click here for a more detailed report by Liz Price

Our next destination was the Sg Kelamah War memorial. The position on my map turned out to be wrong, so it took us some time to find the correct location, which is actually beside the no 1 trunk road.
Here heavy fighting has taken place in January 1942 between the receding Australian troops, defending and finally blowing up a strategic bridge, and the Japanese attackers. A few remains of the bridge can still be seen, everything is so peaceful now.

Our last stop was the KTM station of Gemas, where an old steam locomotive has been very well preserved. It is the "Temerloh", built in 1946. It is the last remaining operational steam locomotive in Malaysia. In the mid-nineties it has been used by the Peninsular Line for luxury trips. Click here for more info. A pity that they stopped this service.

It was a rewarding trip. A typical Malaysian one, with a mixture of everything. The government should employ me to promote tourism in the country..:-)

Main street Tampin

Sikh Gurdwara in Tampin

Temple guard

The Granthi of the temple

A real sikh and a fake one

Beautiful Chinese grave

Another nice grave

Miniature raspberries...

Kuil Sri Maha Mariamman temple


In the temple

Village life in Air Kuning

Lunch in Air Kuning

On our way to the mine

At the entrance

Ready to enter

Here we go

Walking in the poo

Bats all around us
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Look at my feet

A shaft leading down

Another shaft

No comment needed

Cleaning ourselves

Entrance of one of the shafts

Our car waiting for us

Sg Kelamah War Memorial

The original memorial

More recent addition

Here the fighting took place

Remnants of the old bridge


Gemas Railway Station restaurant

View from the bridge

Old steam locomotive

The builder and the date

Me as train driver


Well preserved

Our trip

wrote on May 27, 2008:
A very interesting trip as usual. Congrats!


This is what your bosses should be doing. This country is not short of stories and REAL places of interest. Ahmm! First what is interest?

lightlingmk2 wrote on May 27, 2008:
You deserve more than that. I let you become the minister of tourism and racial harmony.

wrote on May 27, 2008:
Hear, Hear! I can't agree more.

wrote on May 27, 2008:
ha...yesterday just heard my colleague said about somebody approached us to pay for a history prof to do a study about don't know what memorial in Johor. Wind of change...these people only will lick politician shoes & promote their state. Last time Perak,'s depands where is the minister comes from.

Lembah Bujang...I have been there twice. Also carries good history & heritage which was earlier than Melaka...but, it is toned down.

wrote on May 27, 2008:
hi Jan,

From Gemas, u drive another 20KM, you will reach my hometown, Buloh Kasap. Every time i go back my hometown, I will pass by Tampin, Air Kuning (Junction), the Sg Kelamah War Memorial and Gemas train station, but i never stop to see the details that you got. Congratulation !

wrote on May 27, 2008:
Where are the women?

Kwai Loh wrote on May 28, 2008:
Working and earning the money that these men will spend..:-)

Liz wrote on May 28, 2008:
Nice shot.......... hope the bat doesn't expect a modelling fee :-)

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