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Waterfall addiction
A report about the waterfall trips I have made during the last month. Yes, I am addicted to waterfalls..:-)

19-5 Congkak
A last attempt to get closer to a waterfall in Hutam Lipur Congkak. Click here for a report of the earlier attempts.
This fall is in a deep ravine with slippery rocks. We tried to follow the stream and also to scramble down the ravine, but both approaches failed. It is only a very minor stream, anyway, so I will give up on this one. But there were nice fungi..:-)

25-5 Sg Lawing
Second attempt to find the Lawing fall near Kg Lui in Ulu Langat. The trail along the Sg Lawing looked promising, but it finally petered out. We found some nice cascades but not a real waterfall. I will look for a guide and come back.

28-5 Jeram Perlus
Finally visited this beautiful, remote waterfall in the Ulu Langat region. I knew for a long time already about its existence, but had no idea how to get there. Until I found a friend who had been there, and was willing to guide me...:-)

7-6 Cemperoh
The Cemperoh fall is located near Janda Baik, on the slopes of Gunung Nuang. It was years ago that I had visited this remote fall, and recently I got email from a visitor of my waterfall website, that he could not find the fall. A good reason to revisit the fall and check if the access route was still the same. It was good to see that the fall was still in pristine condition.

10-6 Ampang
One of my more ambitious plans is to trek from the Ampang falls in Ulu Klang to Taman Rimba Ampang, just by following the Ampang river. To check if this is feasible, we did a recce in Ulu Klang, following the Ampang river upstream for about 500 meter to the Lower Ampang fall. It took us half an hour. The distance to TR Ampang is about 6 km, so simple extrapolation gives ~ 6 hours for the whole trip. Should be possible in one day, but better to be prepared for an overnight camp.

12-6 Gabai
The Gabai fall in Ulu Langat is a popular waterfall and easily accessible. A good destination to show a Dutch friend the beauty of the Malaysian countryside. Even on a weekday we were not the only visitors..:-)

14-6 Tibang
Another waterfall that had been on my list for a long time. Deep inland, following the Slim river in Perak until an Orang Asli kampung, Pos Tibang. A 4WD is needed and also a driver who can handle bad roads....:-) From Pos Tibang, with the help of the local Orang Asli, we found the nice, unspoilt waterfall

21-6 Pisang
Friends of a friend wanted to visit this attractive waterfall near Gombak and asked me if I was willing to guide them. It is a short hike, but interesting because first you have to cross the Gombak river and next you have to pass under the Karak highway through a tunnel. A popular fall, especially during weekends.

22-6 Ulu Yam
The Dutch Expat Club is planning a "jungle trip" for its members to Ulu Yam, and the organiser had asked me to join him for a recce. It is a real adventure trip where you have to wade through streams and a canyon to reach a nice waterfall.

Don't worry about me, this was not a typical month, normally my life is more quiet..:-)

Congkak, how to continue?

Congkak, fungi

Congkak, beautiful fungus

Sg Lawing, cascades

Sg Lawing

Sg Lawing, fungi

Sg Lawing, caterpillar

Jeram Perlus, banana

Jeram Perlus, fungi

Jeram Perlus

Jeram Perlus

Jeram Perlus, leech bites
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Cemperoh, river crossing

Cemperoh, bamboo forest

Cemperoh Fall


Ampang river trek

Lower Ampang Fall

Gabai Fall

Gabai Fall

Gabai Fall

Tibang, Slim river

Tibang Fall, 4WD trek

Tibang Fall, O.A house

Tibang Fall trail

Tibang Fall

Tibang Fall

Tibang Fall

Pisang, crossing Sg Gombak

Pisang, Karak highway tunnel

Pisang, fungi

Pisang Fall

Pisang, rappelling

Pisang Falls

Ulu Yam, river trek

Ulu Yam fall
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Ulu Yam, canyon trek

Ulu Yam, canyon trek

Ulu Yam, unripe rambutans

wrote on Jun 22, 2008:
He! He! He! Can see that you have being very active in your first love.

wrote on Jun 22, 2008:
you did that also??!

wrote on Jun 23, 2008:
Nope! I got involved in more sanely pastime. Like seeing a bunch of Old Ma's singing in Karaoke Contest last night.

wrote on Jun 23, 2008:
Ooooooh....I've never seen this before.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 23, 2008:
Aric spotted it. It is a very small one, maybe 2-3 cm...:-)

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 23, 2008:
No, but I would have liked to try it. In my student years I have been doing it often in the mountains, never in waterfalls ...:-)

wrote on Jun 23, 2008:
Nice group photo and spectacular waterfall, but you must lend your camera to others and get more photos of you!

wrote on Jun 25, 2008:
Dude, if u have a 4X4, try to go to Pelangi Waterfall or Jerangkang waterfall.. u will be amazed.. :D (i do LOL)

wrote on Jul 14, 2008:
omg..... so bad??? I will bring whtever i have to KILL THEM!!! Sean wrote on his comments... Salt + Saliva = Kill Leeches....

wrote on Dec 10, 2010:
Nice pictures ... can you please tell me the place of the canyon trek ? thanks

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