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Sekinchang 22-1-2007
Destination for this outing was Sekinchang, north of Kuala Selangor.
Near to this fishing village you can walk along a bund road.
On one side there is the sea with mudflats, on the other side a canal and plantations.
Waders, kingfishers, egrets, an occasional coucal, monitor lizards, flowers, nature at its best.
We went without our sifu Khong, but he had given detailed instructions how to reach the bund road.

The weather did not look promising at first, and when we arrived in Sekinchang, we even had some rain. But soon the sun appeared and it even got quite hot.

We saw a lot of birds, nothing really spectacular but very rewarding. Egrets, kingfishers, herons.

On our way back we made a detour through the Tanjong Karang rice fields. More egrets and kingfishers, and also bee-eaters, shrikes, Brahmini kites.

No Gang-of-Four trip is complete without food, so we started the outing with breakfast (dry curry mee in Batang Berjuntai) and we ended it with lunch (mee in Cantonese style in Kapar).

Life can be good in Malaysia.

The pictures give an impression. [Jan]

Sifu's map

Google-earth map with GPS-data

Remains of the past

Pacific Swallow,

Same bird, eager to pose for me!

Collared Kingfisher

Impressive clouds

Little Heron


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Another flower
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More flowers
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Cute Cow

Memento Mori

Innocent sleep

Male Papaya flowers
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Crested Serpent Eagle (?)

Another Collared Kingfisher

Egret in breeding plumage

Tanjong Karang rice fields

White-throated Kingfisher



Brahminy Kite

Second home


Another neighbour

Resident Tailor

A real Bee-eater

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Landscape artist



wrote on Jan 22, 2007:
You found the place! Minus the Terns I can see. See you on the next trip.

geetee wrote on Jan 22, 2007:
Hi Jan & Stephen, I thought the trip was rather ordinary (ok lah I slept quite a lot in the car) but you guys' photos made it look really interesting. We actually saw quite a lot didn't we. OK looking fwd to more in 2007. GT

wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
After the discussion about the "Battle of the Sexes" This is a beautiful picture.

wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
Simple -Look at the Face????. Then the Tail - no white band. Then the wing coating is plain. Looking at the white throat, more a Grey-faced Buzzard.

wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
Where did you find this place?

wrote on Jan 23, 2007:
OK You've got them too!

wrote on Jan 24, 2007:
Stinking Passionflower (Timun Dendang)

wrote on Jan 24, 2007:
Mimosa (Touch-me-not or Rumput Malu) Normally purple in colour...Have seen some yellow ones at Bukit Kiara.

wrote on Jan 24, 2007:
Fireweed (Bayam Ekor Kuching) I think?

wrote on Jan 24, 2007:
You got to walk very, very far down the bund. We got the Grey-faced Buzzard while walking back to the car, which was parked at the police post. The place looks like a resting place for local clam harvesters. There are these cunkul like things attached to long bamboo poles tied to the roof. Useful for reaching out from the 'boat' when dredging for clams.

wrote on Jul 26, 2007:
No expert on S E Asian birds - but could this be Oriental Honey Buzzard??

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