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Raptor Watch 2007
Of course also this year we did not want to miss the yearly Raptor Watch event at Tanjung Tuan. Even if there would not be many raptors, there were still the birders, the wah wah cameras, the food and the fellowship.
So, on Saturday 10-3, the extended Gang of Four, after a laksa breakfast in
Seremban, arrived at the Ilham resort, full of expectations.
As usual, the event was organised very well, with many activities, like face painting, nature walks, etc.
And of course there were many birders, with their often impressive equipment.
Unfortunately the raptors had decided to take a day off, so we saw only a few.
Nevertheless, a nice outing. Next year we hope to have better luck. [Jan]

[K] Better beat Stephen to the page.
Saturday apparently was not such a appropriate day. According Kim Seng who posted some pictures, the birds showed up on Sunday.
All the same, we had one objective achieved - met lots of old acquaintances

A beautiful dawn [K]
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What's name of the place? [K]

Breakfast in Seremban

Arrival at Ilham Resort

Face painting
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Patricia at work

My Japanese contact in Kiara [K]



Super wah wah

Peter's family album [K]

Not so wah wah
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Waiting for the raptors

Anthony Sebastian -podium [K]

Unveiling the IBA map [K]

Sean & Wifey [K]

The beach at Tanjung Tuan

What will his mother say?

Beach fun

Beauty in the sand

Beach Boy

Jan with his fans
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Yoke Sim and her fans

Aun Tiah being interviewed

Next year better luck!

Aspiring -with big Wah Wah [K]

Our old friend 1 yr older [K]

My raptor [S]

Only decent shot [S]

wrote on Mar 12, 2007:
There you are Peter! You asked for it. I was a wee bit below the weather these couple of days. That's why you don't see me at the hills.

wrote on Mar 12, 2007:
That's Gary Phong! Our friend from the Endau-Rompin trip last year. That's a Rafflesia that is painted over his mouth and nose. Fancy meeting him there. Personality Extraodinaire! Keep it up Gary....missed those yellow boots!

wrote on Mar 12, 2007:
Don't want this fat fellow . Where's the group photo Uncle Khong?

wrote on Mar 13, 2007:
Hope you are Ok today. The weather has been very hot drink plenty of water. Thanks for the group photo which you wanted to take secretly.

wrote on Mar 13, 2007:
Blur! taken from a moving car.

wrote on Mar 13, 2007:
Looks like your equipment (camera I mean) is far from retirement.

wrote on Mar 14, 2007:
Hey, Uncle Khong. I hope you'll feel on top of the world soon. Take care and take your vitamins.

wrote on Mar 14, 2007:
Wow, Jan! Always the conquering hero. I remember you did the same in Kuching.

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