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Lata Hammers 26-7-2006
What an unexpected surprise, an unknown waterfall in KL's backyard! With directions given by Tashi, we (Khong, Henry, Andrew and I) wanted to see this fall with our own eyes.

After breakfast in Bukit Tinggi, we took the old road to Bentong and found the signboard and the road to the Perting valley resort. This small road ended at the resort and Khong, with his intuition and experience, immediately found the place where we could cross the stream. A clear trail followed from there the left bank of the river until we came to the spot, indicated by an arrow, made of twigs, where we had to scramble down a steep slope,

And there was the waterfall! With a huge pool of water. A real beauty. The pool was deep, perfect for swimming. Several nice places to camp too.
Henry and I explored the surroundings and discovered a smaller upper fall, while Andrew went butterfly hunting. There were many Raja Brooke butterflies.
After a fun time we went back to have lunch in Bukit Tinggi. On the way back we had a stop at the Air Panas and another waterfall.

A very nice trip!

The signboard

Car park
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River crossing

What is that?


The trail

Fallen trees

Go down here...

Steep slope

The Lata Hammers

Big pool

Powerful fall

Henry taking a swim

Henry as Tarzan

A work of art

Butterfly hunting

Upper Fall

Calm waters

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Starting our way back
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Climbing up the slope

And back on the trail

Almost back

Crossing the stream

Air Panas

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Another fall


The road

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
You found it. congratulation ! :) FYI, i lost my spec in the pool, so got chance to get a new one . :D

Kwai Loh wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
wow, I did not even finish the page yet...haha. You are fast, as usual..:-)

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
not really pefect for swim. quite dangerous as the body of waters turning around

Kwai Loh wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
Dangerous? Not when we were there. No way you could reach the spot where the water falls down. The strong current just pushes you into safe regions.
The Hot Springs is one of these projects where a lot of money has been spent to create it, so there is almost nothing left for maintenance.

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
This Multiply Site sometimes is worse than a market place. I log in and I am in a queue. OK, I too had a nice day. My Dragonflies collection swelled. Had close to 10 lifers yesterday.

Stephen - keep chasing

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
I think so. Privatised and very commercialised.

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
Now I believe that it is a real Orchid. Beautiful too.

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
Nice how far you need to track Jan

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
The building looked dilapidated the resort still operating?

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
how is this hotspring ? we didn't go there last time

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
My my another good outing spot Have you tried Sungkai HotSpring? Is there any entrance charge?

wrote on Jul 27, 2006:
This look like Ixora.....we use to can suck the flower stalk for glucose energy

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