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Rafting on Sg Nenggiri, 31-10 until 2-11
The Nenggiri trip, organised by John Chong (MNS Nature Guides) started Thursday evening 30-10, with a supper in Raub. We arrived around 1 am in Gua Musang, where we found (very basic) accommodation in the GEC.

The next morning we met the guides of the Sahabat Sungai Nenggiri (SSN) who would accompany us the next three days. Rafts, luggage and our good selves were loaded into a lorry, that took us to Kuala Betis, where we started our trip.

In the beginning it was easy paddling, later we encountered several rapids, but they were not really difficult. Of course we got wet, very wet...:-)

Our first stop was at Gua Cha. Excavations have shown that this cave was inhabited already in prehistoric times. After lunch, we continued our rafting and after a few hours we arrived at the conlfuence of the Jenera river and the Nenggiri, where our camp was located on the river bank.

Everything was well organised, in the kitchen they were already preparing our dinner. After a long day, everybody went to bed early.

The following morning, after breakfast, we embarked again, and very soon we reached the Sg Loh tributary with a nice waterfall, where most of us could not resist the temptation of a bath.
The next stretch of the river had many rapids, which was big fun. In the afternoon we reached the Orang Asli kampung of Pos Pulat, where we received a hearty welcome. The afternoon was free, the weather was perfect, we could dry our clothes and got a demonstration how to tap rubber.

That evening we had a BBQ, followed by a show of dance and music, of course we had to take part in the dancing...:-)

The last day we continued our river journey, passing impressive limestone cliffs. One of them contained another cave, Gua Pintu. We had to crawl through a narrrow passage, with many bats, to reach the top chamber of the cave, from where we had a spectacular view of the river deep below.

From this cave it was about 4 km to the end point at Kg Star, and the suggestion was made that we could do this part using body-rafting. First many of us hesitated a bit, but finally almost everybody plunged in the fast-flowing stream. It was sheer joy!

From here the lorry took us back to Gua Musang, where we had snacks and drinks before we drove back to KL.

A memorable trip!

Meeting the group in Raub

In a good mood

Preparing for the night in Gua Musang

Next day morning

The GEC center in Gua Musang

Waiting for transport to the jetty

The lorry has arrived

Uploading our barang

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The food arrives

Having breakfast
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Uploading us..:-)

Almost like cattle transport..:-)

Arrival in Kuala Betis

Male papaya flowers

The Nenggiri river

Preparing the rafts

Inflating the rafts

Ladies posing and men working..:-)

Barang protection
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Preparations complete


Introducing our guides

Safety instruction

Ready for departure

And there we go

Easy going

Rapids, here we come!

Our expert skipper

First stop at Gua Cha

Gua Cha signboard

But first there is food

The youngest participants

Gua Cha cliff
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The cave and me

The single-leaf plant
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And rafting again

Our police escort

Arrival at Kuala Jenera

The Jenera camp

Bathing fun

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The next morning


The rafts waiting for us

Preparing to leave

One for the album

Camp has been dismantled

Just a nice flower

Group picture at Jenera


Limestone cliffs


Peaceful rafting

The Sg Loh tributary

Sg Loh waterfall

Taking a bath

Fun at the fall

Our raftmaster

Nice foliage


More rapids

Tualang tree

The jetty at Pos Pulat

A friendly welcome
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Refreshing kelapa muda

A nice aboriginal(?) couple

Our camp at Pos Pulat


A multiracial picture..:-)

Stung by a bug..:-(

Relaxed afternoon
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Time to do the laundry

Explaining rubber tapping

This is how to do it
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I have to try myself
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For John it is no problem

What are the kids doing?

Watching TV!

Preparing tapioca
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Orang Asli kids
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Fascinated by the camera

What a perfect smile!

Pos Pulat

Waiting for food

Preparing the BBQ

Dinner is ready

Dancing is next

With music of course

Notice the small boy


Another one

Everybody was dancing

Sometimes in ecstasy :-)

Sometimes malu

Is this bushcraft too, Ashleigh?

Watching the show

Breakfast next morning

At the Pos Pulat jetty

Dismantling the camp

Back how it was...:-)

Launching the rafts

Preparing for departure

Beautiful landscape

Enjoying the trip

Steep cliffs

Even overhanging

Near the Gua Pintu

One daredevil

And another one

The Gua Pintu jetty

A steep climb to the cave

In the cave

Me in the cave

Good that we were wearing helmets

More climbing

The way in to the main cave

A difficult passage

We managed to crawl through

Not easy, and you get dirty

Very dirty!

There are bats here

View from the cave

The river deep below

A longboat on the river

What a view

Enjoying the view

Group photo at the cave

The beauty of nature

The elephant cemetery

Elephant skull

Giant forest tree

Time for some food

Body rafting is big fun *

End of the journey

Ready to go back

Presenting the certificates

Everybody gets one

Final group picture
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The lorry is waiting for us

View of the Nenggiri from the road

At the GEC there is food again

Final dinner in Bentong

Nice dinner, with catfish

GPS track of the trip

wrote on Nov 3, 2008:

You should count the number of pictures that this guy had posted up here. Of course reflecting his moods.

wrote on Nov 3, 2008:
Wow!!! Very nice place!!!

wrote on Nov 3, 2008:
That looks like absolute fun all the way.

Kwai Loh wrote on Nov 3, 2008:
Haha, I have done my best to reduce the number of pictures, but there was so much action in this weekend....:-)

wrote on Nov 3, 2008:
The organizers must have been very competent to handle such a big crowd, activities and what looks like a constant supply of makanan.

Kwai Loh wrote on Nov 3, 2008:
Yes, they were good, and as you may know, MNS stands for Makan Non Stop...:-)

wrote on Nov 3, 2008:
Congratulation. nice trip indeed

Dan wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
Heard about this trip, but never thought it is so interesting. thanks for sharing...

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
wah... another nice waterfall....

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
beautiful camp :)

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
menoreh getah :)

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
that cup must have overflowed! /stephen

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
ubi kayu bakar :) very nice!

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
beautiful children :)

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
the glass contains toddy, right? otherwise, no beer how to be in good mood! /stephen

Kwai Loh wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
Just barley ais..:-) I was hoping for some tuak like stuff in the Orang Asli village of Pos Pulat, but... the whole village converted to Islam a long time ago

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
wow! that's a lot of barang-barang.. :)

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
That's the yummy "Nasi Kerabu"

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
barang kena jaga.. nanti basah ;P

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
wow! gua besar!

Liz wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
Monophyllaea. Nice one with long flower stalks.

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
that looks spicy and hot!

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
is tat a lolli pop in his mouth? ;P

Kwai Loh wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
Yes! But even with the lollipop he was the most experienced raftmaster of all...:-)

wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
the mahmeris ?

Liz wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
Wow, didn't recognise you!

Kwai Loh wrote on Nov 4, 2008:
I got an allergic reaction after the insect bite, took antihistamine, but still my face was very swollen for several days...:-)

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