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Waterfall frenzy (Jan-Feb 2009)
Often people ask me, how often I am visiting waterfalls. My answer is that it depends on who is willing to join me..:-).
In the first two months of 2009 it so happened that quite a few friends showed their interest, so it became a real waterfall frenzy...:-)

On New Year's day I revisited Perdik with Rani. During my first visit I had found a nice fall, but later friends told me that there was another tier, a bit downstream. It turned out to be even more attractive than the top one.
Two days later I was at the Bukit Apeh fall, near Cheras. Here too, another tier had been discovered recently by Lee, who is an active explorer of this patch of forest near KL. He was willing to guide me to this new tier, in the pouring rain..;-)
A trip with my American friend Richard to two waterfalls in Perak. First target was the Buntong Fall, near Ipoh, only known to locals. More impressive than I expected.
The next day we finally found the Kamunting fall. This fall can be seen from Kamunting, but how to go there? After a friend had shown me the trail head recently, it was no problem to reach the fall, although the trail was very steep at places. This time George joined too.
On the digital map of Malaysia I had found a waterfall close to Seremban, called Jeram Tebrau. And I had never visited Jeram Kedah in Negeri Sembilan. Good for a day trip with my friend Paul! The Jeram Tebrau turned out to be a baby fall, nothing special. But Jeram Kedah was a nice surprise, especially the upper tiers.
A day trip to the impressive Lata Kijang. The access road is now so good that it was no problem for my Kembara. I went there with Paul and Karl and there was time enough to combine it with a visit to Sg Dua. They had found upper tiers, upstream of what is called Lata Khong. No easy access, scrambling needed, but impressive falls.
Some time ago an American geocacher, Barbara, wrote to me that she was interested in the geocache I had put at the top of Kanching. She willingly accepted my offer to guide her. Looking through her eyes I was again impressed by the beauty of these falls.
A real adventure trip, organised by Tee, to the Ulu Bernam region. Went there with a small group. Camping after a 2 hour trek, next to the Lubuk Kawah fall. Nearby is another waterfall in the Sg Perah and there must be many more.
Our friends Pat and Roger had never visited Fraser's hill yet. Aric and I showed them around. We started with a visit of the Selangor dam, where the spillway could be called a man-made waterfall...:-) Of course we had a look at the Jeriau fall. And on the way back we tried in vain to explore an unknown waterfall along th Gap road. Too steep.
On my way back from Kanching, with Barbara, we met Leong, who is a frequent visitor of Kanching. He told me about two more tiers, upstream of the top fall. Of course I was interested, so we arranged a trip and found the two tiers after a nice river trek.
Another visit of Kanching! During my recent visits I was shocked by the huge amounts of rubbish, especially along the upper trails. I suggested to Joe that she might organise a gotong royong with her Waterfall Survivors. Immediately she started planning..:-) I joined her Save Our Waterfalls team for a recce.
I got a warning that another of my geocaches, located near Pangsun, could not be found, so Aric and I went there to check it. This is pristine forest, with beautiful cascades of crystal-clear water. The tree where the geocache had been hidden, had collapsed, so this cache is no more there.

A waterfall frenzy, indeed...:-) Next months will be more relaxed.

Perdik (upper) fall

Perdik, lower tier

Bukit Apeh, upper tier

Buntong Fall

Kamunting Fall

Jeram Tebrau

Jeram Kedah, upper tiers

Lata kijang

Sg Dua, middle fall

Sg Dua, upper fall

Kanching falls

Lubuk Kawah fall

Sg Perah fall

Selangor dam spillway

Selangor fall :-)

Jeriau fall
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Unnamed fall along the Gap road

Kancing, new fall

Kanching, another new tier

Kanching, with the SOW team

Pangsun cascades

wrote on Feb 28, 2009:
At the rate that you are going, you shall run out of watefalls to visit! And God forbid! - pretty soon, you may have to visit the waterfalls that some of us have in their gardens!! BC

wrote on Feb 28, 2009:
ah, the water is no longer murky. good to see that. shows how long i have not been there. stopped going when the muddy runoff from the golf course development spoiled the place. /stephen

wrote on Feb 28, 2009:
the spillway is a more spectacular fall. /stephen

Liz wrote on Mar 1, 2009:
Wow, you have been busy.

wrote on Mar 11, 2009:
hee hee.. imagine going down on a tube :D

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