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Kedongdong falls 8-3-2009
When I first visited the Recreation Park of Sg Kedongdong, I was not impressed. A nice river with some cascades, along the road from Genting to Batang Kali, that was all.
Unil Joe Yap told me, a few weeks ago, that there was a real waterfall, not too far upstream from the park!

Of course I had to see that for myself.
So, on a Sunday, I went there with Rani and Richard. The signboard has seen better days, but still there was quite a crowd, enjoying the crystal clear, cool water.
From the car park we crossed a bridge to the other side of the river and started hiking upstream. But the trail disappeared soon and we decided to cross over to the other side, where we found a better trail.

And, indeed, after about half an hour we found the Kedongdong waterfall! With a beautiful deep pool, perfect for a bath. But first we wanted to explore further upstream. That turned out to be an interesting, but not easy river trek. The boulders became larger and larger and after about 500 m we reached a point where we would have needed to swim.
So we decided to go back to the main fall, where we had a nice bath and where I left my usual marker...:-)

Back in the park, we asked a stall owner if he knew about more falls in this Kedongdong river. He did not, but.... he pointed out that there were waterfalls upstream of the nearby Batang Kali river.

We did a quick recce and it looks promising, so I will have to go again.

Fascinating that even so near KL it is still possible to discover new falls!

Signboard is hardly readable

Quite a lot of visitors

The ruins of what?

Most people stay near the car park

The pedestrian bridge

Kedongdong river

Big boulders

Beautiful fruits

This might be edible
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Waterfall or cascade?


The Kedongdong fall

Beautiful pool

"Jan has been here"

Phallic symbol?

Top of the fall

The next fall

Not big, but a lot of water

We continue exploring

Huge boulders

More cascades

A nice insect

How to continue from here?

Rani tries to find a way
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We give up and go back

To the main fall

For a refreshing jacuzzi

Batang Kali cascades. Promising!

wrote on Mar 10, 2009:
eat it and kedongdong falls will look like viagara falls. /stephen

wrote on Mar 10, 2009:
Impressive :))

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