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Sarawak, (13-15)-3- 2009
During my last visit to Sarawak, in 2007, I came in contact with Winda and Mike, both interested in nature, jungle trekking and waterfalls. They were willing to guide me to the Jangkar waterfall, a powerful, tall fall in the remote Berumput range, near the border with Indonesia.

On Friday March 13 (!) I arrived in Kuching, where I had booked a room in the friendly Singgahsana Lodge.
The next morning we left early and reached our destination after 1.5 hour.
The waterfall was already visible from the main road and looked impressive.
The trail started in the small Bidayu Kg Jantan. The first, easy part led us in about 45 minutes to the Jangkar river.

From here we had to follow the river and that was not always easy. The huge smooth-surfaced boulders were sometimes difficult to climb, luckily the weather was good. After about 1 hour we reached the waterfall. And an impressive waterfall it was! With a beautiful, deep pool.
We took a bath and relaxed, but not for a long time, because dark clouds were approaching, and these boulders become impassable after rain. Just in time we were back, a downpour followed while we had a late lunch in a seafood restaurant.

Sunday we drove to the Padawan region, where Winda wanted to show us her favourite waterfall, the Seberau fall. An easy trail, and a nice fall, unspoiled as hardly anybody knows about its existence. And on our way back, we had time enough to visit the Guam falls, actually more cascades than falls, just along the road, so more popular.

Then to the airport and back to KL, it was really a mini-trip, but very successful, thanks to Winda and Mike! Studying GE after my return, I noticed that there are more falls upstream of the Jangkar fall. And there is another river coming down from the same range.

So this will certainly not be my last visit to Sarawak.

Map of the 3 waterfalls visited

The lodge & the Car Park!
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Kuching waterfront

Jangkar visible from the road

Kg Jantan

Ready to go

Through cacao plantations



Berries, look poisonous

Fig fruits

We reach the river

Boulder climbing

Helping each other

Many cascades and waterfalls

Interesting but tough

Not always easy

The intrepid explorer..:-)

Almost there (?)

Almost there (!)

The majestic Jangkar fall

Very impressive

Powerful flow of water

Men and Nature

View from the satellite

There are more falls upstream!
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Trail head in Kg Bidak

Well maintained trail

Bamboo bridge

Seberau fall

Lower part with pool

Jan was here..:-)

Boats in the Guam river

The Guam cascades

Nice place for a BBQ

wrote on Mar 19, 2009:
Great looking falls. Itching to go to one coming weekend... Thanks for sharing!

lightlingmk2 wrote on Mar 19, 2009:
How old are you... how come you got so much energy... joke . Thanks, Jan.

wrote on Mar 19, 2009:
The Jangkar is certainly rather impressive. Thank you for educating me. The only fall I know around Kuching is the Ranchang Pool in Matang. :)

wrote on Mar 19, 2009:
Glad that you enjoyed your trip in Sarawak...

Dan wrote on Mar 19, 2009:
very interesting...... u should go back again to explore the rest of it....

wrote on Mar 20, 2009:
What are all the green lines for? Meaning it took you all some time to find the safe path to get down and then out?

Kwai Loh wrote on Mar 23, 2009:
Haha... No, it is the limited accuracy of the GPS, especially in a ravine with trees. You get a lot of scatter even when you walk in a straight line

Liz wrote on Mar 24, 2009:
I stayed across the road from here !

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