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Val de Loire, France, October 2007
During a recent stay in the Netherlands, I spent a weekend with friends in France.
Moira and Rémy live in Châteauneuf-sur-Loire, a small town, about 30 km east of Orleans.
The Loire Valley is a World Heritage site, an "outstanding cultural landscape of great beauty" with many architectural monuments.

The first day we visited the castle of Sully, Aubigny-sur-Nère, and Sancerre, famous for its wine. There was some fog in the morning, but soon the sun came through, and we even could have a picnic outside!
In the afternoon we had a look at the famous canal bridge of Briare. Here a canal crosses the river Loire by means of a bridge. Really amazing.

The next day was a Sunday and in the morning we went shopping for fresh bread, one of the pleasures of being in France. We started with a walk along the Loire, which is one of the most beautiful rivers of France.

After lunch we visited the oratory of Germigny-des-Prés, a beautiful church, built in 806(!) in Byzantine style. Not far from there another medieval jewel is located, the Abbaye de Fleury of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, built between 1020 and 1218. While we were there, a religious celebration took place.

An evening stroll along the romantic river formed the end of a pleasant visit, worthy of a repeat.


The house of my hosts

A comfortable livingroom

Dahlia's in the garden

Early morning at the Loire

The bridge of Chateauneuf-s-L

Nice industrial architecture

The castle of Sully


The castle park


Saturday market

The church of Aubigny

Medieval house

Flower market

The castle of Aubigny


Some left over grapes
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Time for lunch
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Autumn colors

Quaint house in Sancerre

Flower garden in autumn!
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The Val de Loire

Public toilet in Sancerre

View from the tower

Sancerre, as seen from the tower



Loire vineyards

Just a nice building
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Funny window shutters

A modern house

An Internet cafe

Time for tea

Original canal crossing

The lock from canal to river

Old machinery to operate the lock

Lock view from the river

The Loire river

Canal bridge of Briare

Beautiful design

Still in use
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A photographer's delight
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The canal in the evening

Scenic atmosphere

Built in 1893

The castle of Chateuneuf-s-L

Main tower

Sunday market

The church of Chateauneuf-s-L

The charcuterie shop

Pigs ears!

Former central market
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Walk along the Loire river banks
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Attractive hamlet on the river bank

Flooding sometimes occurs!

Fight between worm and spider!

The oratory of Germigny

The oldest part of the church

Byzantine style


The impressive Abbaye de Fleury

The porch-tower

The capitals in the porch-tower

Beautifully carved

The crypt with relics of St Benedict

The nave of the church

The church organ


The statue of the Virgin Mary

Benedict monks

The abbaye from across the fields

The Loire again

My favourite pet
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House on the river

wrote on Oct 27, 2007:
"Take my breath away..." as the old song goes.....

wrote on Oct 27, 2007:
Every foodie's kind of place.

wrote on Oct 27, 2007:
Looks like our cat, Setengah.

wrote on Oct 28, 2007:
Just marvellous Jan! Beautiful as beauty can be....glad that such places like these still exists.

wrote on Oct 28, 2007:
Love this one. Early mornings are my favourite times.....

wrote on Oct 28, 2007:
We have the same taste..;-) I am very happy with this one as well. Actually part of the picture is over-exposed, but here that is perfect.

wrote on Oct 28, 2007:
My favourite picture....totally relaxed and unassuming in nature....

wrote on Oct 29, 2007:
You mean Yian Tze's interest....I just tag along! .I'm the skinny guy now...hooray! Fat Hopes and Slim Chance is my food? Never heard of that stuff Lee.

wrote on Oct 29, 2007:
My favourite picture !!

wrote on Oct 29, 2007:
This building will last till kingdom come. Wonderful !!

wrote on Oct 29, 2007:
For a sophisticated society, where there is a will there is a way. There is no need to bulldoze an entire forest just to divert a waterway.

wrote on Oct 29, 2007:
Peter, we know wherein is your interest in life.

wrote on Oct 29, 2007:
Would have been wonderful if they had use this design for the Petaling Street Market

wrote on Oct 30, 2007:
Wow, the pictures and the scenes are so "romantic". Pray, tell us whether you had any romantic encounter or interlude during your stay in France!

Sorry, that was not "Lee".This is the "real" one!

Liz wrote on Nov 1, 2007:
Wow , stunning photos. It reminds me that I haven't been to France for 20 years, although I've never been to this area. Love the autumn colours photo.

wrote on Nov 1, 2007:
you wouldn't have this shot if the gangoffour had been there. /stephen

wrote on Nov 1, 2007:
how i loved those french loaves. used to be able to down one at one go, but don't think i will be able to manage even half today. see, what a gentleman i've become? /stephen

Liz wrote on Nov 1, 2007:
Great photo !

wrote on Nov 1, 2007:
no wonder the flowers grow so well, despite clinging on to dry rock. /stephen

wrote on Nov 1, 2007:
didn't i see this somewhere in taiping ... the old rain trees dipping into the lake? and you gobbling down chinese pancake? /stephen

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