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Kg Semoi and Lata Kenip 23-8-2009
A good friend of mine, Rahim, belongs to the Semai tribe, and is living in Kg Semoi, near Sg Koyan, north of Raub.
A few years ago I have visited his kampong (click here for a report) and used the opportunity to visit a remote waterfall in the region, Lata Kenip. As the weather was not reliable we only went to the lowest of the waterfalls in this river.

When Joe Yap's Waterfall Survivors recently organised a trip to the Kenip fall, I decided to join. I went in my own car, because I wanted to stay overnight.

Rahim had arranged the same guide for us as three years ago. I would not have found my way, because near the trail head a completely new kampong had been built. The construction of the houses was traditional, without nails.

Of course the visit of so many town people was a major attraction for the villagers..:-).

Our group consisted mainly of newbies, without much jungle experience, so progress was slow, as the trail was steep and slippery. Just before we reached the lower Kenip fall, a real downpour started, so heavy that we were worried about flash-flooding. We stayed only a few minutes at the fall, before we went back.

So, I must come back one more time to visit the upper (and more impressive) waterfalls in the Kenip river.

The rest off the day I enjoyed the hospitality of Rahim's family. If only they had Internet connection, I could easily stay for a longer time in this kampong...:-)

Actually life here is not that easy for my friends. They used to tap rubber, but recently the plantation owner has imported Indonesian workers to take over their job.

It would be nice if they could make a Home Stay for visitors, there are enough activities possible in and around the village. I am thinking about how to help them organise it.

Arrival in the new kampong

Our guide is wearing the white shirt

Traditional houses

Without the use of nails

Everywhere spectators

Everywhere kids

We are free entertainment for them

How old will he be?

We start the hike

Steep trail down

Through bamboo forest

Bamboo shoot

River crossing

The lower Kenip fall with heavy rain

A slippery retreat. Use your bum!

No comment...:-)

Second part of the free show

Watching the visitors take a bath

Kg Semoi is a modern kampong

Two village beauties

The kids of the family

Rahim and his twin brother Rahman

Kampong houses


The Jelai river

Slash and Burn technique

The plan is to plant hill padi here

Liz wrote on Aug 31, 2009:
>They used to tap rubber, but recently the plantation owner has imported Indonesian workers to take over their job
Seriously??? Wonder how much they get paid, must be next to nothing.

Kwai Loh wrote on Aug 31, 2009:
That is what the villagers told me

Liz wrote on Aug 31, 2009:
Were the shoes still white after the trek?

Kwai Loh wrote on Aug 31, 2009:
Nope, and even now my own trekking shoes are still muddy. Difficult to remove this reddish mud.

wrote on Sep 1, 2009:
hahahaha.... :p.... it should be the after effect of using the bum down the slippery terrain.. hahahahahah :p

wrote on Sep 1, 2009:
guess who's bum is that????

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