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A new waterfall! 6-9-2009
My friend Siang Hui is even more addicted to waterfalls than I am. He is an experienced user of Google Earth, and he has found several "new" waterfalls by careful study of the high-resolution imagery in GE. See for example the Ulu Gedong report about the discovery of the Tigok waterfall.

Last week he told me that he had found another waterfall, near the Simpang Pulai - CH road, and he gave me the coordinates. When I checked GE, I found that this region was still in low-resolution, only blurry features, no sign of a waterfall at the given location. Actually there are a few known waterfalls along this road. See map. The left part is high res and Lubuk Tima is clearly visible (see below).

But he was sure of himself, had studied contour lines etc.
So, still a bit doubtful, I went with him and Rani on a recce. With the promise that, if there would be a waterfall, we would name the fall after him, unless the locals already had named it.

The Simpang Pulai road follows closely the Sg Raja, which after recent rainfall was swollen with a teh tarik color. At the location predicted by Siang Hui there was indeed a tributary flowing into the Sg Raja!

But how to follow that stream. There was a nearby Orang Asli kampung where we asked around. Yes there was a waterfall, the Kait waterfall, and they could guide us there. First it looked like two young boys would go with us, but then an old man appeared, the grandfather of the two boys.

And old he was, NINETY he said, his IC mentioned 80. It must have been a hilarious sight, this old, bent man with his stick, guiding two young guys and a senior Kwai Loh. However, he turned out to be quite fit, although he needed a rest every now and then.

It took us about one hour to reach the fall, the last part was real river trekking.
It was a spectacular sight, a tall two-steps fall in a narrow gorge. So powerful that there was a spray of water all around, making picture taking difficult.

On our way back we took a different route, at the end we even had to cross the Raja river, not easy, but no problem for our guide...:-) Halfway the kids joined us, maybe their mother had told them, go, have a look how granddad is doing...:-)
A very rewarding experience. Thanks, Siang Hui, sorry that we could not name the fall after you.

It was still early, so we decided to have our lunch at the Chelik waterfall. This is a very tall fall, easily accessible. But no pool to take a bath. And we were very sweaty and covered with leech bites. So we went to a third waterfall, Lubuk Timah, for our bath. Recently this fall has been in the news, because two people drowned there. The first time I visited this fall, the water flow was not very big, so I did not see how this fall could be dangerous. Now, with a lot more water, it was clear that you have to be very careful here.

What a day!

GE map with waterfall locations

The tributary of Sg Raja

He did not really eat the snake!
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Curious Orang Asli children

Where is the fall? Notice the blowpipe!

Our octogenarian guide
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Checking his age

On our way

Steep slopes

Every now and then some rest

A leech family

A tiger leech after his lunch

Wild boar trail?

Start of the river trekking

Passing small waterfalls

It is getting more difficult

But not for our guide..:-)

The Kait waterfall

The proud discoverer
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Beautiful pristine location
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Two steps

Going back

The grandchildren join us

With their catch

Crossing Sg Raja

The old man and the river

Leech check

Kids and granddad enjoying dates

I felt a giant

On our way to Chelik

Passing a small Chinese shrine

There is the Chelik fall

Climbing up

Impressive, tall fall

Daredevil Siang Hui
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Having our lunch and coffee

Bamboo orchid

Nice grass

Pretty flower

Lubuk Timah

Recently place warning signs

You better don't swim here
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View of the reservoir

Lubuk Timah IS visible on GE
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My personal marker

Satisfied, time to relax

Nature is beautiful

wrote on Sep 7, 2009:
Even doing this is brave enough for me!

wrote on Sep 7, 2009:
Methinks he looks younger than 80.

wrote on Sep 7, 2009:
WELL DONE:) and a real nice t-shirt :p SAVE OUR WATERFALLS!!!

wrote on Sep 7, 2009:
This looks unreal; something out of Jungle Book maybe.
Great write-up : >

wrote on Sep 7, 2009:
leech therapy is good for u

wrote on Sep 7, 2009:
This huge!

Liz wrote on Sep 8, 2009:
I always thought this was Lubuk China ! Good to learn the correct name!

Liz wrote on Sep 8, 2009:
Almost enough for a snack!

wrote on Sep 8, 2009:'s remind me Tambuyukon leeches.

Liz wrote on Sep 8, 2009:
Great photo!

wrote on Sep 8, 2009:
;p ya...

wrote on Sep 8, 2009:;s remind me tiger leech in gunung BB....

Liz wrote on Sep 8, 2009:
This sign was not there iin Feb 2007

Kwai Loh wrote on Sep 8, 2009:
Put there after the last accidents, a few months ago.

Liz wrote on Sep 8, 2009:
We swam here in 2007!

wrote on Sep 13, 2009:
hello, Jan, is he a young man....he...he..

wrote on Oct 10, 2009:
oh eeeks, i met this tiger leech which can expand to 3 inches at Air Hitam Fall trail, it was attaching on my friend's short, everybody was panic to see it... Wonder how it look like after it finish the lunch... omg...

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