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A mixed collection of pictures....
Friends of mine had found an interesting series of cascades and waterfalls, near Batu Kurau, north of Taiping. A good reason to visit my favorite town again.

On arrival first a visit of a baby fall, at Bukit Jana. Nothing special, actually. Next to the Golf Course.
The next day I had invited George to join me for the Air Hitam waterfall. Quite near to Taiping, but really countryside.

We could park our car near the water catchment area, from where a trail followed the river. Not easy to go down to the river, the slopes were steep. But we found the impressive main waterfall.

On our way back, we scrambled down to another cascade. An amazing number of leeches.

This region is beautiful countryside, many traditional Malay houses.
When I visited this region 4 years ago, I found a quaint barbershop where I had a haircut. The same barber was still there, so of course I had another haircut, for RM 4 only!!

The next day, we went to the Casual Market for our breakfast. The Hungry Ghosts celebration was going on. Big celebration.

Just an ordinary weekend in Taiping.

Kee the Jana river clean!

The Jana waterfalll

A beautiful flower...

and a beautiful boy..:-)

The Air Hitam water catchment

George in the jungle

Jungle fruits

Turbulent river

George as bush man

One of the waterfalls

Leeches galore!

Confluence of two rivers

Even a hut here!

Another fall

The impressive main Air Hitam fall

As usual I have to take a bath

Plenty of cascades

Shall I take this one...

Or rather this one?

We found lunch in Batu Kurau!!

My favorite barber shop

Having a haircut

Traditional Malay house

Nice shed

Even a resort

With basic chalets

Nice surroundings

Enjoying the water


A nice river

Just wide enough to pass
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Another nice Malay house

Closed for puasa or forever?

The cafe has its own cave!


Padi fields, so near Taiping

Unexpected in this region

The Casual Market

The beauties of Casual Market

Beauties of a different kind
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Waiting for what?
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Hungry ghosts offerings

The donation table

Almost finished
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The organising committee

With two (hungry) ghosts
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Roof view from the new Flemington hotel
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Infinity pool of Flemington

Dan wrote on Sep 15, 2009:
I'm sure they are yummy. ..... LOL

Dan wrote on Sep 15, 2009:
That's a lot of open burning in the end. .. :(

Kwai Loh wrote on Sep 16, 2009:
Yes, we call it the Limestone Cave Saloon ..:-)

wrote on Sep 16, 2009:
Looks like it's in a cave.Is it?

wrote on Sep 16, 2009:
not so limiting without the sides, eh? less tentative than the one in sekinchang? /stephen

lightlingmk2 wrote on Sep 16, 2009:
And who are these two, Kwai Lohs ? I have been to all that are mentioned.

Liz wrote on Sep 16, 2009:
They've done too much sunbathing !

wrote on Sep 16, 2009:
would it also be a good spot to bird from? you'd be looking down on the birds, though. /stephen

wrote on Sep 17, 2009:
Jan, kwai loh having a haircut, traditional Malaysian style, in a cave -- this photo will surely be of historical interest.

A nice photo album of your latest venture.

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