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Pos Dipang falls 20-9-2009
When you reach the remote kampung of Pos Dipang, nothing reminds you of the tragedy that took place here in 1996, when a mudslide after heavy rain killed 44 people and destroyed many houses.

Now it is a quiet place named after the Sg Dipang. The Orang Asli living here belong to the Semai tribe and are mostly rubber tappers.
I knew that the river had waterfalls, but had no time yet to explore. Recently my friends Siang Hui and Harry went there on a recce and reported that they had found beautiful waterfalls.

Of course I wanted to have a look myself..:-)

On the first day of Hari Raya 2009 we drove to Pos Dipang, parked our car and started trekking. It had been raining a lot and the river was swollen. The trail ran high up the slope, going down down to the river required scrambling.

After visiting several cascades we reached the first fall. Impressive flow of water. Here we met Jinnah, a Semai living in Pos Dipang, a rubber tapper, but now collecting butterflies, which he sells for a few Ringgit. A nice guy, a little bit of English.

He guided us to the second fall, a real spectacular waterfall. Compare our picture with the one, taken a few weeks earlier by Siang Hui! Not safe to swim, but of course I had to make my personal marker.

There are more falls upstream, Jinnah told us. So I must come back.

What a beautiful country Malaysia is!

On our way

The Dipang river

The first cascade


Another cascade

The river deep down

Yes, Paul, this is the trail..:-)

The first waterfall


Man and nature

We meet Jinnah

Collecting butterflies

Caught a lot already

This one is still free
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Time for our lunch

On our way to the top

Top of the fall

Jinnah will guide us to the next fall

And a magnificent fall it is!

No swimming here..:-)
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Same fall, a few weeks earlier *
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Karl and the fall

Jinnah and the fall

My personal marker

Karl's contribution

Trying to balance another rock

One for the album

Here it was safe to take a bath

Map of the region

wrote on Sep 21, 2009:

When my friends gripe about Malaysia, I sometimes tell them I like living in Malaysia. No matter how wonderful a place is that I've been to, I'm always happy to come back to Malaysia. In fact, some of my travels have confirmed to me that we are truly blessed to be living in Malaysia.

wrote on Sep 21, 2009:
Nice place!

wrote on Sep 21, 2009:
Too common for him, maybe.

Liz wrote on Sep 22, 2009:
Trick photo???

Kwai Loh wrote on Sep 22, 2009:

Liz wrote on Sep 22, 2009:
Quite a difference from the other photo.

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