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Gunung Senyum 12-2-2010
Many years ago the sultan of Pahang traveled from Temerloh to Kuala Krau and noticed a conspicuous limestone crop on the opposite side of the mighty Pahang river. He asked his servants about the name of the hill, but they did not know and just smiled. So the Sultan decided to name the hill Gunung Senyum, the Smiling Mountain.
What a nice story, even if not true..:-)

In 1989 Gunung Senyum and its surroundings were declared a Hutan Lipur, a recreational forest. Its main attraction are the numerous limestone caves. It is located about 40 km north of Temerloh. There are chalets, toilets, a surau and a rangers office, but on weekdays you may be the only visitor. For the biggest cave, the Gua Terang Bulan, you need a torch.

I went there with "Caving Liz" Price, she was a valuable guide. Without her I would have overlooked many of the critters living in the caves. Have a look at her website Caves of Malaysia.

It was a fascinating trip with beautiful weather. But my DSLR was under repair, and a simple point and shoot camera is not optimal under these "difficult" conditions. So I will come back...

Picture captions with * have additional text

Colorful Entrance

Gunung Senyum

Detail of the rock face

Nice chalets

List of the caves

Entrance to the caves

Bridge over troubled water

Colocasia gigantea

with its inflorescence

A lecture hall?

Cave entrance


Terang Bulan cave

Almost glowing green


Inside the cave

One of the many (insect) bats

A dead bat

And another one

Liz in action

A freshwater crab

Crickets all over the place

And spiders

Detail of the cave wall

A beginning caver..:-)

And the master herself

An unexpected find *


Natural art

Cave flora

Cave roof

Ladder to the 7 wells cave

Two of the seven wells

So beautiful

Light comes in through the collapsed roof

A dead snake

Luscious vegetation outside

Collapsed roof

Another one

Dramatic formations

One for the album

Me too!

Fascinating beehive shape

A dangerous cave

You have to go down here

Almost like a cathedral

Solid ladder

The burial cave

Remains of old graves?
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The burial tomb

Interesting isolated pillar

Skin of a Cave Racer(?)

Beautiful begonia flowers

Leaving the caves

Across this hanging bridge

Gunung Senyum and Pahang river

wrote on Feb 13, 2010:
Very interesting.
Your "repertoire" is growing.

Liz wrote on Feb 13, 2010:
These are archaeological digs

Dan wrote on Feb 13, 2010:
cool ...!
gong xi fa chai!

wrote on Feb 16, 2010:
You visited the "crystal cave?" Would be nice to see some updates as to how the place is like now!

wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
wonderful photos!

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