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Salu Falls CNY 2010
On 14-2-2010 (CNY) Rani and I, on our way to Pos Dipang, visited the Salu waterfalls. We managed to find a Mamak stall in Kampar for lunch, of course all the Chinese were in CNY mood.

During my first visit of Salu, I was not very impressed by the two waterfalls there, but later Siang Hui had told me that there were more falls upstream. And they turned out to be quite attractive.

Of course the lower falls were crowded by day-trippers, but the upper falls were remarkably quiet and clean.

Between Salu and Pos Dipang there are not many places to have a coffee, but we found one in Sg Siput Selatan. Open because there was a CNY-party going on in the hall opposite the shop. Of course we were invited...:-)

Lion lying down

Lion standing

It is not a real lion...:-)

The Salu falls park

Many visitors

Nice forest

The first fall

Climbing the rocks


The second fall

Upper fall

Quite attractive fall

More falls

Former catchment area

More falls

Very attractive
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Tall cascades

The crowd at the lower fall

Enjoying a bath

So many people

Having fun

Sg Siput Selatan CNY party

Of course I am invited..:-)
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Location of the Salu falls

wrote on Feb 18, 2010:
Lucky you.

Liz wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
Looks like Gng Tempurung/Gajah in the background.

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
You are right. Gunung Tempurung is about 5 km north of hutan lipur Salu

Liz wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
5km? I would say 1 km from the Salu car park !

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
Believe me, it is more..:-) To convince you I have added a map of the region.

wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
yes. you know how hard it is to shift the rocks into position? /stephen

wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
Best place to be in this heatwave. /stephen

Liz wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
Jan said last week he hadn't noticed the heatwave! He must be living in aircon 24 hours when he's not in the forest!!!

wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
was this a barisan or a pakatan event. depending on your answer, henry may not want to know you. /stephen

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
I did not ask, but I am sure that Henry would feel very much at ease in their company..:-)

Liz wrote on Feb 20, 2010:
I mean the distance to the massif as the crow flies!

wrote on Mar 2, 2010:
This is a nice place to relax, close one's eyes and picture how the place looks during the wet season. What a massive rock structure.

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