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1. Introduction

In this very short history of the Universe we will concentrate on our own body and ask the question where the various chemical elements composing it, have been formed.
It will lead to the conclusion that we are, in a metaphorical sense Children of the Stars.

About 13.7 billion years ago our Universe came into being in the Big Bang.

This explosion gave rise to a primeval soup of radiation and elementary particles, without any structure.

However, the universe as we observe it now, is highly organised and extremely complex, with galaxies, stars, planets.

In one of these galaxies, commonly known as the Milky way, ~ 4.6 billion years ago a star was born, our Sun, with a number of planets.

And on one of these planets, called Earth, life evolved!
This evolution culminated (at least for the time being) in our species, homo sapiens.

Gifted with reason we have been able to trace back our history and the history of the Universe.

Before we start, let us have a look first at a human being in its relation to the very large and the very small.

  Table of Contents Large and Small