Another Kiara Walk

During the last few years I have become a regular walker in Bukit Kiara, one of the few remaining green lungs in Kuala Lumpur. Often on the tar roads with my walking buddies of the Kiara Bunch. But also exploring the numerous trails, well maintained by the mountain bikers.
At the moment, the hill is under siege. A lot of destruction is going on and an atrocious fence has been constructed. Fortunately a few (illegal?) openings have been made in this fence, so it is still possible to access the remote northern parts of the hill.






A few days ago I went for another walk with Dr Pola Singh, who is active in the Friends of Bukit Kiara group. We almost got lost, and walked for about 10 km. Nice trails but also you could see in several places that “civilisation” is encroaching.

We discovered a complete kampung in the forest!

There are many more trails to be explored, so this will not be the last time that we will walk here!

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