New Year Resolution

The last two months I have gained weight a lot, about 4 kg. So my New Year Resolution is obvious, I need to loose weight, preferably about 8 kg. A very ambitious target, as this post will show…:-)

Two days before New Year I had invited friends for a traditional Dutch Winter Meal: Hutspot  It is a stew of potatoes, carrots and onions. We had the famous raw herring as a starter.


After I came back to Malaysia I felt lousy for quite a few days, because of the jet lag, my running nose and my coughing, but yesterday I was fit enough tho have dinner with an ex-colleague from my former school, who is visiting Malaysia at the moment. We had steamed tiger garoupa, fried sotong and kai-lan in my favourite seafood restaurant around the corner.

Dinner with Dick

And today I had another dinner with Caroline and Dave, from New Zealand. She is the daughter of a dear friend of mine, who passed away two years ago. We had not met each other since then, so there was a lot to talk about. Location was the Little Penang Cafe in the Curve, I had Penang Curry Mee and Ice Kacang

Dinner with Caroline and Dave

It will not be easy to keep my New Year Resolution. Still, I lost 1 kg already…:-)

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  1. It was really nice to catch up and see you, Jan! Pity Aric could not join us for dinner, but I’m sure there will be more dinners and reunions to come, and hopefully soon! 🙂

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