Kiara again

Another walk in Kiara with Pola Singh, this time joined by Chow, another avid hiker. We started as usual from the Lembah Kiara park.

This time I recorded our hike with EveryTrail, an interesting smartphone app, where you combine the GPS data with the pictures taken, add captions and a story and then publish the result on the Internet.


Here is a screenshot of the hike. Each red dot represents a picture.

When you start the slideshow you will be able to follow our hike.

Try it out: Kiara again


Climbing up from near the Penchala highway to the top of the hill was a steep climb, as you can see in the altitude map below …:-)!

I walked along the Northern fence to the viewpoint, interested how the fence was doing after the work had stopped. Several openings have been created, legally or otherwise. I found a cute small gate for the little critters, because only monkeys are able to climb the fence, even taking a relaxed rest on top of it!

Plants start covering parts of the fence, a tree has fallen down, hopefully nature will fight back.


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