Journal 10-4-2013

A summary of what I did in the week of (2-9) April

After our successful trip to Upper Tebing Tinggi, Rani accidentally deleted all the pictures from his camera…:-(  Aric has experience in “undeleting” data, so Rani came over for dinner and Aric managed to retrieve the pictures!

Dinner with Rani

A few days later I went for a haircut, in the nearby shopping center. For 18 Ringgit, less than 5 Euro, ridiculously cheap for  an European, but still considered expensive by my Malaysian friends, who go to an Indian barber for a few Ringgit…:-). Here is the result


My friend Joe and his wife Beatrice invited me for a party, because of Joe’s birthday. They knew that I would have my birthday the next week, so there was a birthday cake for the two of us. Really nice! Good food, pleasant company. And lots of beer, Joe’s specialty !

Birthday cake

A picture of me with my charming hostess Beatrice.

Joe's party

During the weekend I took Rani for a walk in Bukit Kiara, as he had never been there before. Of course I showed him the infamous fence, but we also saw quite a few beautiful bat lilies.

Rani and FenceBat Lily

You will have noticed that food plays an important part in my life…:-) Two more dinners in that week. One with Aric’s sister in our favourite seafood restaurant in Damansara Perdana. The second dinner at home with our friends Pat and Wim. Aric was the cook and had done a wonderful job.

Dinner wiht Aric's sisterDinner with Pat and Wim

Even with all this food, I still manage to control my weight and even get it down a bit. Hurray!

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  1. I like the arrangement of the photos taken – professionally done! Keep it up with your interesting journal update.

    Cheers !

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