On 27 April the Netherlands celebrate the King’s birthday. It is a national holiday. It started during the reign of Queen Wilhelmina, Queen’s day was on 31 August. During the reign of her daughter, Queen Juliana, Queen’s day became 30 April. The birthday of her daughter, Queen Beatrix is 31 January, considered too cold for a festive celebration, so 30 April was kept as Queen’s day. King Willem Alexander’s birthday is 27 April, so that is now King’s day. Crown princess is born on 7 December, will that be the Queen’s day in future 😉 ?

Queen’s/King’s day is by far the biggest celebration in the Netherlands, but the last two years there have not been festivities because of Corona. This year it was possible again. Amsterdam (population ~ 900.000) expected 1 million visitors. Everywhere “vrijmartkten” (flea markets) .were held where people could sell their stuff. Like in the small park near my apartment.

A large crowd arrived continuously at the Amsterdam Zuid railway station

I went to the Vondelpark. Most people were wearing something orange, the Royal colour.

Also here a vrijmarkt. In the past you could find many children, trying to earn some money by playing violin , flutte, drums etc. . I was a bit disappointed that they were missing this time, no idea why.

There are always a few teenagers who are willing to put their face through the opening of a cardboard figure and let other people pay money to throw eggs at them.

First time I saw a less painful variant, throwing plates with whipped cream.

I walked through the Vondelpark to a street where friends of mine live. They always sell a lot of stuff just in front of their house. Left Han and his sister are standing at their stall, right Wout is selling a camera.

It was nice to meet them, we had coffee together. Other friends also joined. They said my jacket was not orange enough.

I walked back through the Vondelpark. As you see there were many visitors, but it was still manageable. Parts of the town center were so crowded that the police advised people not to come.

Here are two pictures of very orange people.. I must confess that I put on the orange stuff only when I was back home, just for a photo haha.

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