Back in Amsterdam

This morning I came back in Amsterdam after a pleasant, uneventful, twelve hour flight from Malaysia. Here is how I look like, after a night without much sleep. Not too bad, right? Picture taken in my living room.

2013-08-24 08.52.32

Here is a view from my living room, in the distance you can see the buildings of the Free University, my Alma Mater.


After shopping at nearby “Albert Hein” supermarket, I had my first Dutch breakfast in nine(!) months.Delicious raw herring, Dutch strawberries, cumin cheese, buttermilk.etc.2013-08-24 13.12.43

The weather was very pleasant, so in the afternoon I decided to take my bike and go to town, to get a feeling of what I still consider to be my ‘real’ hometown.

It was an enjoyable trip, here is a collection of pictures, with some comments

Back home, it was time to prepare a Dutch dinner.The potatoes are Opperdoes. For Malaysian readers of this blog: they are wat Raja Musang is for Durians…:-)



A nice start of my Dutch visit.

3 thoughts on “Back in Amsterdam

  1. You look great in your living room and I notice an outstanding painting (picaso?) hanging on the wall in your background. The rest of the pictures are really superb and informative; I like the food and wish you can ‘tapau'(take-away) for me. Many thanks for your postings; I enjoy looking at them. Keep it going.

    • No Picasso, I am not that rich, lah. It is a painting created by a Sri Lankan friend of mine. I am happy that you like my posts, be prepared for more to come..:-)

  2. Hi Jan,

    Ah soh! U r back in Amsterdam? Just recommended your enjoyable blog to a Dutch lady who viewed my PK unit for possible accommodation for her parents who are coming in Oct. Are your Dutch potatoes really = Musang durians?? Enjoy you beloved’s performance – wish I could be there too! let me know when u r back – hopefully tau-pow some of your yum goodies for me!! 🙂

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