How long will Malaysia remain my 2nd Home?

As you will have noticed, I am back in my native country at the moment, enjoying life there..:-)  But looking forward already to be back in Malaysia, my 2nd home.

Quite often (Western) friends and family ask me about the political/religious situation in Malaysia. Is it still safe for you to live there?  I have to admit that the country under the present administration is becoming more and more authoritarian and (fundamentalist) Islamic. But I still feel very much at home…:-)

For how long? Honestly, I don’t know.

Today I have watched, spellbound,  an Australian documentary, released yesterday:   State of Fear: Murder and Money in Malaysia

It takes 45 minutes of your time. Please watch it!

Comments are welcome..:-)


2 thoughts on “How long will Malaysia remain my 2nd Home?

  1. Greetings from London! I’ve moved back, having given up living in Malaysia after all these years.
    I had already watched the Australian documentary before I got your link. Fascinating programme, I wish it could be shown on Malaysian TV so it’s gets a wider audience. The prog seems well researched and they covered the different murders.

  2. I have stayed in Malaysia 8 times since 2006 for a minimum of a month at a time and feel I have got to know the country and it’s people reasonably well. People who live in Kuala Lumpur are outwardly more westernised than those who live in rural areas and like most of the rest of the world the rich seem to be getting richer at the expense of the middle classes and poor. You cannot spend much time in Malaysia without hearing about corruption at high level. The problem with corruption, real or imaginary, is that it generates more corruption which cascades down undermining society and ultimately destroys the country’s economy. The country then ceases to be a good place to live.

    Link inequality and systemic corruption with the rising tide of world racial and religious intolerance which I doubt Malaysia will be immune from over the next decade I guess there may come a time when Malaysia 2nd Home ceases to be as attractive as it once was.

    I don’t think we are there yet and I hope we never will because Malysia is a good country with much to offer both residents and tourists.

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