Journal 30-11-2012

Last weekend I have joined a trip organised by MyCat to the Sungai Yu Wildlife Corridor near Merapoh. We did not see any wildlife, but visited a waterfall, a canyon and a cave, camped in the jungle and had big fun. Good for my self-confidence too, after my two recent mishaps.

Here is our group before we started. Detailed report here.

And here I am at one of the waterfalls

Have you heard about a “historical discovery” on the planet Mars by Curiosity? Next week Monday a press conference has been announced by NASA and I was getting excited, because although I think that we may be alone in the Universe, it would be wonderful if we are not. Here is the Curiosity

But today I read that no evidence for organic material has been found yet. After the announcement of the historic discovery a funny cartoon was published in a Dutch newspaper. The Mars chocolate bar is a popular sweet in the Netherlands.

Here is the cartoon:

Next week my Kiara kaki Henry will travel to the USA with his wife to visit his son there. With a few Kiara friends we had a kind of farewell lunch at TK Chong near my condo.

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