Journal 17-1-2013

Last week it was 49 days ago that Aric’s father passed away. There is a special Taoist ceremony for this occasion. Two days later we visited the grave which was recently finished. The grave is beautifully located on the top of a hill, surrounded by oil palm plantations.

The family grave

I have recovered from my jetlag and settled in my usual rhythm, walking in Bukit Kiara in the morning, followed by breakfast in IKEA. And of course, in spite of my New Year resolution, a nice dinner or lunch every now and then..:-)

Here I have dinner, prepared by Paul, really delicious

Dinner Paul

A very special lunch I had a few days ago with my “bankers”…:-) A short explanation is needed, I think. Until recently I had an account with the Alliance bank, but I was not happy with their services and decided to cancel it. Even that turned out to be complicated, until I met an employee who was really helpful. He was interested in why I was staying in Malaysia, we talked about food, I said that I liked spicy food, he asked if I had ever tried Ayam Penyet, I said I had not, he said knew a restaurant nearby. So we decided to go there for lunch, with one of his colleagues. Lunch with my bankers…:-)

Ayam Penyet

The food was nice, the company pleasant. I don’t see this happen in the Netherlands and it is one of the reasons that I feel so at home in Malaysia…:-)

Last week I attended a meeting of the Friends of Bukit Kiara (FoBK). I have written several posts already about Bukit Kiara and the recently constructed, ugly fence. FoBK wants this fence to be removed, and I promised to take some pictures of the present state of the fence. I went for a walk with Pola, here is part of what we saw.

Kiara fence

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