A Secret Waterfall

After my recovery from jet lag and the germs I had taken with me from the Netherlands, I felt the urge coming up to visit a waterfall. Where to go and with whom?

‘Shall I bring you to a Secret Waterfall?’ my friend Siang Hui asked. He is an expert in discovering unknown waterfalls.  ‘But you must promise not to divulge the location on your website or blog! The villagers from a nearby kampong are using the water of the stream and are concerned about pollution.’

Of course I accepted the condition. Aric and Rani were interested too, so on a Saturday morning we met at a mamak stall for breakfast and drove to the trail head. Not a real trail actually, traces here and there and river trekking. As was to be expected the waterfalls (many tiers) were pristine.

Here is a picture report about the Secret Waterfall.

And here is a picture of the main fall in all its glory. Recently I have bought a hypsometer to measure the height of an object. For this fall I found 15 meter.

Secret Waterfall

2 thoughts on “A Secret Waterfall

  1. Hi Jan, looks good. Here it is snowing and limited iceskating is possible, only on temporary created area’s. I am going to try one.

  2. Jan that looks great especially when there has been no rain here in Melbourne for over a month!
    The water tanks are running out and it would be fantastic to have that water running close by!

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