Adopt a waterfall!

A few years ago I visited the Sg Liam waterfall, near Ulu Yam with my friends Joe and Rahim. I published a report about this fall titled Most polluted waterfall in Malaysia! Here is a picture of what we found:

Sg Liam in 2010

At that time Joe was organising  waterfall cleaning operations with her group of Waterfall Survivors. These Save Our Waterfalls projects were a success, but it was disappointing that after a few months, the rubbish was there again. How to ensure that a waterfall after cleaning, remains clean? Of course the best solution would be to educate the visitors that they should take their rubbish home, but will that ever happen?

Two weeks ago I was back at Sg Liam, invited by friends who are active in a recently established NGO, the Waterfall Lovers Association of Selangor The occasion was the launch of a Sustainable Waterfall Adoption program, where a Company, a School, a Kampong, etc adopt a waterfall, regularly check the cleanliness, take action when needed, etc.

The event was well organised, hundreds of school children took part in the cleaning, there were speeches, there was food. Let’s hope the program will be a success!

Here is a pictorial report.

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