Sudah Makan?

Sudah Makan? (Have you eaten already) is a customary greeting in Malaysia, where you would say in English: How Are You?

Here are a few pictures about my Makan, last two weeks…:-)

Breakfast and Lunch with Cathy, Neil and Rani. Actually we did a lot more than eating, here is the full report: Another nice outing, 21-4-2013



Lunch with my Kiara gang, Telok Gong restaurant. Nice food, and toddy, my favourite drink!

Lunch with Kiara gangToddy

Raclette dinner with Pat and Wim, and their friends. Nice view from their condo, delicious food and pleasant company, what more is there to wish?

View from condoRaclette dinner

Dinner with Cathy and Neil at our place. Italian cuisine with an Asian touch.

Dinner C&N

Main course

So, yes, Sudah Makan! And the good news is: slowly (0k, very slowly…) I am loosing weight!


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