International Day of Peace 2012

Did you know that there exists an International Day of Peace? I didn’t.
It falls on 21 September and has been observed since 1982.

In Malaysia the activities are concentrated in Taiping.Why there? In the 19th century there have been several wars fought between rivaling Chinese gangs about the tin mines of Larut. When these wars came to an end in 1874, it was decided to rename Larut in Taiping, which means “everlasting peace

And peaceful it is, these days. I am a regular visitor, and see it as my second hometown.

When I arrived this time, my Taiping friends told me about the Peace day, that there was a bicycle rally and if I liked to join.

The morning started with heavy rain, but just in time the sun came through. Quite a number of people had assembled near the Lake Gardens

It was a nice, relaxed ride around the gardens and the town. At the “finish” we were rewarded with breakfast, while a band played (bagpipe!) music.

And here is an official picture.

It was a nice morning, I met several old friends and made new ones

To end this post with some trivia, I had number 179, anything special about that number?

Answer: it is a prime, and even a sexy one…:-)

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