A Day with May

About two years ago, during a visit of Taiping, I met May during a walk in the Lake Gardens. We had a friendly conversation and later kept in touch via email.

During my last visit we managed to meet again. First we had a walk in the Lake Gardens, beautiful as ever. Next we had breakfast with dim sum in the North Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (!) near the lake. Delicious glutinous rice too! I told her that George and I were planning to go to Austin Pool, and May was interested to join.

Austin Pool is similar to the better know Burmese Pool, but less crowded. Clear water, some cascades and a bit further along the trail a nice waterfall with a deep pool. Young daredevils were having fun in the water and May could not resist the temptation to take a bath herself.

We ended up in one of the famous cendol shops of Taiping.

A half-day well spent!

3 thoughts on “A Day with May

  1. I was born in Taiping General Hospital and spent the early childhood(5.5 years) in Taiping with my grandparents.

    Carefree days…playing in fresh water streams in my grandpa’s rubber estate.(further up the Lake Gardens area-need to check with an aunty for details)

    I remember that I nearly drowned in the Coronation Pool too. Obviously,the Maker realised that my time was not up then!!

    48 Barrack Road..my grandpa’s town residence. Oh,always had porridge-like sweet,cendol,ice kacang…..now,i don’t know where they have gone.

    Anyway,I go back when it’s Ching Beng every year and drive around to look for all the delightful foods/drinks that I had before.

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